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Sweet Land of Liberty. Yup. That's us. I have designed a few quilts based on antique game boards. I could only find one photo on my computer, so that's all I can share.

This quilt was designed and sewn (and published) in 2004. This was based on a vintage game board. It has since been given away to my brother in law.

Parcheesi Game Board
I used this as the basis for the Sweet Land of Liberty fabrics. You can see the entire line here: Sweet Land of Liberty.

I love the center pentagon star block. Yes, only five points! There is no curved piecing. Everything is done with raw edge appliqué.

And here's my quilt designed with the line with the same name. All the templates are full size and it's been edited with several sets of eyes. Hope you enjoy making this for someone who has a love for vintage patterns. The red, white and blue is just as traditional as the browns and golds and blues in my first quilt.

Sweet Land of Liberty
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  1. Hello Debby; I am in love with this quilt you have designed! Each and every aspect of it! Both of the colorways are brilliant combinations together, you are excellent with choosing the perfect fabrics together. But with this pattern, I adore that it is designed after a board game. My Father (who is not doing so well right now) has always loved games! Although he is a terrible looser, I love to play a board game he calls Wahoo (Aggravation)with him whenever I can. Your design just really grabbed my attention and I truly wish to make it as soon as I can! Thank you so very much for sharing this pattern with us today, Debby! I honestly do LOVE it and can not wait to make it for my Dad! Have a great day!


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