2018 Tea Party BOM: February Tea Cup

Brrrr! It's cold where I live and I need a cup of tea to stay warm. I know! I'll use one of my pretty little tea cups. I designed this block with the option for 3 parts. The pink floral one uses the same fabric for the cup and saucer.

Tea Cup with handle on right
And the tea cup with the handle on the left using the 3 separate pieces of fabric. The saucer is separate from the cup. The rim fabric matches the saucer.

Tea Cup with handle on the left
If you missed the first block, The Cake Stand, you can find it by clicking the link. There's a lot of info there along with suggested fabric and other supplies.

January Cake Stand Block
Here's one from Bonni. Finished mid-month. Thanks, Bonni! She gave me the idea to create a Facebook group where you can share your own blocks. And I did! Just click that link to see all the beautiful January blocks. We invite you to share yours as you make them.

Bonni's block
I set out to design my own tea cups. Want to see them? I think I got carried away because I made 6 of them! Here are four I made using smaller pieces of background fabric. Notice that there are 3 cups with handles on the right and one with the handle on the left. Also, the top 3 cups have contrasting saucers in addition to the cup inside. The bottom pink tea cup was cut from a single piece of fabric. I used my sewing machine zigzag stitch to define the bottom of the cup.

Four tea cups appliquéd to 5-1/2" x 8" BG rectangles
This was the VERY last of that blue background fabric and I decided to use it up. Let's see it with the tea pot (which is the March block - be patient!)

Four tea cups with my tea pot
Don't even ask me how I'm going to put these together! They're just hanging out with each other.

Here are a few shots of cutting out the patches. Notice that I allowed the 1/4" seam on the saucer because this will be tucked UNDER the yellow cup section.

Freezer paper template with 1/4" seam allowance
 I use freezer paper exclusively for template making. I love it!
Rim and saucer templates
I always audition my sewing machine stitching before I commit to sewing my blocks. I take a scrap of fabric that matches my block and some thread and do some adjusting with my machine. I sew with a 25+ year old Bernina 1230 and it does a beautiful buttonhole stitch. See?

Now, I know these tea cups are rather small for the 10-1/2" squares I suggested you cut. So, I stacked two. You can also see how the blue cup was cut from a single piece of fabric and I used darker blue thread to "draw" the lines of the cup bottom. You will need to eliminate the saucer on the top block.

Two stacked tea cups
You may even be able to stack three. You would need to cut your fabric a bit taller. You decide!

And if you don't drink tea (or have coffee loving friends who would enjoy mug rugs), check out my paper pieced Coffee Cups pattern.

7" Paper Pieced Coffee Cups in Kaffe Fassett prints
7" Coffee Cups in Amanda Murphy's Winter Games fabric

Enjoy. See you next month for that Tea Pot Block! And don't forget to share what you're doing in this 2018 Tea Party BOM on the Facebook group


  1. Thank you Debby. These are so pretty.

  2. I love tea cups, and these are all so cute!


  3. Debby, I had a blast making my tea cups!


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