April Creamer and Sugar Bowl

Many of us like to drink our tea (and coffee) with some cream and sugar. You have to have pretty containers for those and that's what our April blocks are all about!

The 4th block in our 2018 Tea Party BOM is both the creamer and sugar bowl. Don't you love it in these organic orange dots from Kaffe Fassett? I made these 13+ years ago when I taught a class in Atlanta.

Original Creamer and Sugar Bowl from 2005
Now, let's see what I've done with some different fabrics and a few steps on how I make these using freezer paper (for templates) and raw edge sewing machine appliqué. I chose the Mimosa Collection by Windham Fabrics to make a vintage tea pot pattern. I will be offering this pattern eventually. I decided to make a Creamer and Sugar Bowl to coordinate.

Vintage pattern for a chubby tea pot (or coffee pot)
I use freezer paper (Reynolds, in grocery store aisles in the USA where plastic food wrap is sold.)
Paper on one side; wax on the other.

Tracing the Creamer onto freezer paper
Tracing both the Creamer and the Sugar Bowl.

Tracing the Sugar Bowl onto freezer paper
Iron the freezer paper to RIGHT side of fabric. No need for pins or to reverse the pattern for cutting out.

Iron the freezer paper to RIGHT side of fabric that has fusible webbing on the wrong side
Cut out shapes; remove the freezer paper (which can be reused multiple times)

Creamer and Sugar Bowl cut out and ready to be placed on fabric
 Auditioning thread
Found the perfect green thread!
Practice on scraps to get the right stitch length and width
Practice stitches before committing to my block!
Simple zigzag stitch on outside of Sugar Bowl. But what about that rim? How in the world will I get that put on? I don't want to mark it with a pen or pencil (even if I could figure out how to do it).

Raw edge zigzag stitch on outside
Then I had a flash! I will cut out the rim, straight stitch along the freezer paper and then satin stitch on top of that! How smart is that?

Iron that template back on; straight stitch along the opening.
 Take off the freezer paper:

Take away template
 Here's what it looks like on the back

Sugar Bowl and Creamer from wrong side.
 But I think my block is too "naked." Too much white. What will I do?

Completed raw edge appliqué
I might add a set of 2" (finished) squares to the top. Not sure. Just an idea.

Auditioning some piecing for the top of the 10" block
I hope this made sense. I am a sewing machine girl for ALL things appliqué. No handwork for me. Of course, you can make these any way you desire!

All 12 blocks are now available in my Etsy store: 2018 Tea Party Blocks.

Consider joining the Tea Party Facebook page! We have several hundred members and it's a way to share your blocks or progress or just to see what others are doing with their Tea Party blocks.

Make a request to join and I usually see it and approve before the end of the day (many times well before). We'd love to have you share your blocks with us!

Next month is the URN. See you in May!


  1. Thanks very much for these blocks, and for the suggestions.

  2. Love these Debby. Thank you so much.

  3. Wonderful to see how you use the freezer paper. Sometimes I do needleturn pieces the same way, but then trace a light pencil line around the freezer paper and cut farther out for a seam allowance. I learned that from Laurene Sinema. She's been gone a long time, but I still do so many things her way! Thanks for a cute creamer and sugar bowl!


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