Sunday, March 4, 2018

Paper Pieced Shark's Teeth

I've blogged about this pattern before and wanted to give an update. Also, I have quite a lot of new followers who may not be aware of this amazing pattern.

I designed this Shark's Teeth pattern in early 2003. I bundled it on my popular Building Blocks and Borders CD with 39 other foundation patterns, all in 4 sizes each.

Here is just one of the pages. In all those sizes, the CD contains 240 blocks for foundation piecing! Each of the 40 patterns has a variety of ways to be used in borders.

One page from the CD
Here are a few blocks:

10" Shark's Teeth Block from the front
The beauty of paper piecing, when trimming BEFORE you add the next patch, is that the resulting wrong side of the block is nice and tidy as though you sewed with templates.
10" Shark's Teeth Block from the back
Can we see what this looks like with the paper still on? Of course!

Two units pieced from #1 - #12 without stopping
And a few other blocks:
Two halves of the 10" block with the center seam ready to be sewn
 Center seam sewn.
Block completed
Now, how about a quilt? First, a single block. This is VERY scrap friendly. Perfect for 2-1/2" Jelly Roll strips. You can get six strips from each 2-1/2" strip. Of course, each of my blocks uses a variety of prints. I tried to keep each of the four sections using one print each and the constant background solid.

A single Shark's Teeth block using Kaffe Fassett scraps
Here is my quilt on the design wall last year. I was really winging this as I only had a certain amount of each of the 3 shot cotton solids. I rearranged those orange center blocks as you can see in the last picture.

Planning my Shark's Teeth quilt using 10" blocks
I finally took the plunge and even though a few of the blocks are pointing in the wrong direction (you figure it out!), I added my four corner blocks and finished it up with borders. What do you think?

Shark's Teeth Quilt: 53" x 53"
I have this pattern on my Craftsy site. The 12 page pdf includes the pattern for the quilt and then foundations for 3", 4", 5", 6" and 10" blocks, including the reverse - in case you want these teeth to point in the opposite direction! The 10" block is perfect for all those 2-1/2" strips you have; scrap friendly with some solid reading fabrics for good contrast.

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