Monday, April 16, 2018

Four $5.00 Quilt Patterns for One Week Only

My sister told me yesterday that she paid $10 for a pattern and $4 postage. It is a very simple Rail Fence made with 2-1/2" strips. Frankly, I'm horrified she paid so much for something so easy. But, I sell patterns, too. And I try to keep them affordable.

For one week only (April 16 - 23) I have reduced the price for four of my patterns (actually, 2 of them are new). $5.00 for one week only! You can find them at Craftsy, but let's have a look here.

Colorburst Squares was published in a magazine several years ago and then became a popular workshop. I also included it in my 2012 Wall Calendar of quilts.

It uses 3 different Log Cabin type blocks (actually, they are Cobblestone Blocks). Very scrap friendly!

Colorburst Squares. 10" blocks; 66" x 76" quilt
And how it appeared in my calendar (and on the pages of that magazine)
A full shot of Colorburst Squares

Hearts on Fire is a quilt you've seen here before. I even made a smaller one for Benartex.

Hearts on Fire: 10" blocks, 43" x 63"
A smaller Hearts on Fire quilt from a few years ago. Since gifted to a little girl who LOVES hearts!

Hearts on Fire

Winding Ways is one of my favorite patterns. I first made it the easy way: a single curved appliqué patch stitched to a background square. Then I got bold and bought a template set and have since made many blocks the old fashioned way (and taught the workshop). Here is the easy way for $5.00!

Winding Ways. 10" blocks, 55" x 55" quilt
And finally, Snow Crystals. This is a vintage block traditionally made with templates. Take a look at this page from the Kansas City Star.

December 13, 1930. Kansas City Star
I converted it to paper piecing about 15 years ago. It appeared in my second book (Supersize 'Em Quilts, 2009), was a workshop for several years, and was on the cover of my 2012 Wall Calendar of Quilts. The ENTIRE center is the Snow Crystals block. It is a variation of four Lone Star blocks arranged in such a way that they make you think there's a 5th block in the center!

Snow Crystals
Take a visit to my Craftsy site to see these quilts. After next Monday (April 23), I will raise the price of each quilt to $8.00. But, remember, with Craftsy, there's no postage! You print and have the pattern right away so you can start sewing!

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