Thursday, May 31, 2018

June Coffee Pot for the 2018 Tea Party BOM

The 6th block in our 2018 Tea Party BOM is the Coffee Pot (OK; you can call it a Cocoa Pot).  I love this fabric from several years ago. I actually appliquéd this block in the mid 2000s for a class I taught in Atlanta.

Coffee/Cocoa Pot
As I said before, I made the background squares a variety of sizes. For this one, it is 10-1/2" square. Here is another one I made using a divided background. I don't like it and am going to take it apart. Good thing I didn't use fusible appliqué on the back! I had fusible interfacing ironed to the wrong side of the fabric to stabilize the raw edges. Double sided fusible would have made this permanent.

Coffee Pot on two color background

And here it is from the back so you can see my simple machine zigzag stitch. Little snippets of paper still attached. I often stabilize my appliqué with newsprint on the back so that "tunneling" doesn't occur. What's that? It's when the top stitches begin to scrunch together and create what looks like a tunnel because they are too close together. The feed dogs on a sewing machine are zigging and zagging back and forth and the fabric is too weak to fight back (my version of what this means!)

Coffee Pot from back

And here's the template:
Freezer paper template

I've also added an updated version of a vintage Kansas City Star block for a tea pot (or coffee/cocoa pot). I used the same fabrics as I did with the Cream and Sugar blocks from April.

Cream and Sugar Bowl made with the Mimosa Collection
 And here's my vintage tea pot updated! It's available on my Craftsy site.

Vintage Coffee or Tea Pot
I have a Facebook group where you are welcome to come and share your blocks as you make them. This block is FREE for the month of June ONLY. You can find January - June on my Craftsy site if you are just joining us.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope you make the block in your favorite colors.

  2. Thank you so much Debby. I like it too!

    1. Make it yours in your favorite fabrics. And you can call it a coffee pot, tea pot or cocoa pot!

  3. Great. I think I am in love with the Arkansas Meadow Rose quilt also.

    1. That Arkansas Meadow Rose quilt was made 20+ years ago and is still one of my favorites!


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