August Water Pitcher Block for 2018 Tea Party BOM

Welcome to August! Here we have our 8th block in the 2018 Tea Party BOM and it's the Water Pitcher. I decided to make another one to go with the few blocks I've made using the Mimosa Collection by Windham.

First, our block using the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. This was made in 2005 and I don't think I have anymore of this awesome floral left. Isn't it lovely? This block is FREE for the month of August. Hurry!

August Water Pitcher
Let's see my updated version with the Mimosa fabrics. First, the freezer paper template, cut out and ironed to the RIGHT side of my fabric. The wrong side has fusible webbing. If you want the handle to be on the right, then you need to trace this in mirror image.

August Water Pitcher
Then I cut it out and stitched it onto a 10-1/2" background square of Kona Cotton Snow (my favorite background color). As you can see, I got a little nervous looking at the thread as I was stitching, seeing that I might not have enough to finish. Just a few threads left!

August Water Pitcher
It is important to audition your threads and stitches on scrap fabric before you start stitching on your block. Ask me why I say this? I had to rip out my stitches TWICE because my bottom thread was coming up to the top because of tension. Oh, well. It's done.

Audition your stitches with scraps
Now, for an extra bonus. I drafted some letters to say TEA and made them 4" high. Cut them out.

TEA letters cut out
My original plan was to stitch them to 5" squares (cut 5-1/2"). But I didn't like it and so went with Plan B. Here are the letters on the BG squares.

TEA letters

Then I realized I had some of those squares left over from the Creamer and Sugar block and voila! What do you think? The block is 10-1/2" unfinished and you can find this pattern (not free) on my Craftsy site. The extra bonus is that I've included the ENTIRE alphabet in 3" high letters, along with these letters for TEA and directions on how to make this simple bonus block.

TEA Block letters and entire alphabet at Craftsy
Join us on my Facebook group where you are welcome to come and share your blocks as you make them. This Water Pitcher block is FREE for the month of August ONLY. You can find January - August on my Craftsy site if you are just joining us.


  1. Hi Debby! I love this pitcher, in both fabrics. It looks like I would enjoy a cuppa from either one. Happy Wednesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thank you so much Debby. I really love the pitcher.

  3. Thanks so much. The pitcher is such a graceful shape.

  4. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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