July Candlestick for the 2018 Tea Party BOM

Hard to believe that it's already July. Well, maybe not . . . it's really hot where I live and that can only mean Summer! I do hope your summer (or if you live "Down Under, your winter) is going well.

Our 7th block is the Candlestick. It is shown here with the platter, but I haven't released that pattern yet. You will be the first to know about it when I do share it right here!

Two Candlesticks with a Platter (not given yet)
Each Candlestick is 2" wide and 5" high. I always like to think that they come in twos and you may want to make your July block in this way, too. They are very simple appliqué, especially if you use raw edge and machine stitching.

You can find the July Candlesticks in my Craftsy store.

If you missed any of the blocks, you can find the links via my Tea Party page above in the tabs section. All of the blocks are free for the month in which they are released. After that, you can find them in my Craftsy store.

I have a Facebook group where you are welcome to come and share your blocks as you make them. This block is FREE for the month of July ONLY. You can find January - June on my Craftsy site if you are just joining us.

Let us see your blocks on the Facebook page!


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