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Christmas in September and FREE pattern

This is a post that ran 3 years ago and I think it is a good one to revisit. We all could use a Christmas tree skirt or even a drape to go around a beautiful potted plant. If you don't celebrate Christmas, you can easily make this in your favorite fabrics for a table topper. Just put a centerpiece over the hole in the center!

From July 2015:

I love all things traditional about Christmas. I've been married for 37 41 years and have been gathering holiday trimmings, decorations, textiles, lights, etc all that time. Throw in 3 daughters and now 3 4 grandchildren, you know I'm swimming in all things Christmas. I have a little secret: in my last move or two (out of 11) I've misplaced my tree skirt. Gone!

I chose the Homespun Holiday Collection by Benartex for the purpose of making a traditional tree skirt using one of my new templates. It's a super-sized Dresden Plate ruler (I call it the "Vortex") which is multi-sized. You won't need my ruler to make our tree skirt (I offer the pdf of the template at the end of this post), so don't worry.

Well, let me first show you the fabrics, right? I didn't ask for all of them and I also asked for some of the Burlap Fabrics (blenders) which will work with Homespun Holiday.
Homespun Holiday Collection by Benartex
I also pulled out a few Fossil Ferns to see if they could fill in should I need them:
Fossil Ferns, still faithful after 15+ years
I was working with fat quarters, so this is perfect for those wonderful bundles you buy with no idea for a project in mind!

From each of the prints and the blenders I cut the following:
-- One 3-1/2" x 22" strip
-- One 9-1/2" x 22" strip
Pair one 3-1/2" strip and one 9-1/2" strip as you wish, taking care to have good contrast. Don't agonize over this step or get all "matchey-matchey." Sew with 1/4" seam. Press. Make 10 sets.

Ten sets of narrow and wide strips sewn and pressed
Now it's time to cut. Notice my template can flip-flop back and forth with no waste. Cut two wedges from each two-strip set.
Cut two wedges from each set
Cut 10 wedges with the short strip at the widest end:

10 wedges with narrow strip unit at the widest
 Cut 10 wedges with the wide strip at the widest end of the shape:
10 wedges with the wide strip at the widest end of the shape
Now to sew and join the wedges in groups of fives. Notice that two sets begin and end with the wide fabric at the narrow end of the wedge; two sets begin and end with the short fabric strip on the narrow end of the wedge. Press seams open between the wedges as shown in one section below.

Four sections with 5 wedges in each
Decide where you want the opening and leave that edge unseamed. Select fabric for your lining (I found a Benartex Christmas print from a few years ago, about a yard), place tree skirt right sides together with lining and pin in place.

Pinning to lining
Now trim around entire skirt:
Tree skirt and lining pinned
First sew the two straight sides of the opening and trim excess wedge fabric:

Sew straight sides of skirt opening
Now we sew all around the outer curved edge and turn right side out. Press well
Tree skirt with lining, turned and pressed
Time for binding that center opening. It looked too small for me and so I trimmed away 1" from the curved edge:
Trim away 1" to enlarge opening
Enlarged opening
I cut BIAS binding from a wonderful stripe from last year, Season's Greetings by Benartex - just enough to surround the opening and give me a tie. I cut 2" wide strips.
Bias strips for binding
And, the final tree skirt!
Holiday Tree Skirt: 27" diameter
Here is the pattern for that wedge. Just print and transfer to template material. I suggest freezer paper. Since you will have more than enough fabric in your pieced units (from the first step), you might be inspired to make one or two more tree skirts!

Free Pattern: Tree Skirt Wedge Template


  1. Hi Debby! A friend of mine made a similar pattern and used it on her patio table. The circle in the center fit just great around the umbrella hole. Just a suggestion for another use for this cute idea. ~smile~ Roseanne


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