I Found Another Set of Log Cabin Blocks!

I think things happen in my sewing room when I'm not around. Fabric and blocks multiply! Does that happen in your sewing room?

Here is a quilt I made several years ago and had it published in McCall's Quilting Magazine. I call it Pixie Sticks. Actually, they called it Pixie Sticks; I called it Candy Stripes Log Cabin. But, hey, they paid me so I didn't really care!

Pixie Sticks made with 6" Log Cabin Blocks
I love sewing with reproduction 1930s prints and pulled together a stack of candy colored fabrics and some white on white and just started sewing some Off Center Log Cabin blocks. These are small: only 6"! There are a lot of logs in these blocks. But, oh so yummy, don't you think?

6" Off Center Log Cabin blocks
Notice that some blocks begin with a colored print center square and others begin with a white square. This will give the movement to the quilt center when they are put together. (Or you may want to call it DIZZY!)

Here are four of the blocks together. Two with the white corner square and two with the blue.

Four 6" blocks

And a flat shot of my quilt. Yes, those are white borders and I pieced the binding.
A flat shot of my Pixie Sticks quilt
And the photo from the McCall's magazine. This was beautifully quilted by Connie Gallant, my trusty longarm quilter.

Pixie Sticks as it appeared in the McCall's magazine
The blocks are set on point: a 6" block on point is about 8-1/4" across. I honestly can't believe I made 72 of these! Only 32 were needed for this quilt. I guess I keep piecing to add to the other 40 blocks until I run out of the white. This is truly a SCRAP BUSTER quilt!

Though McCall's assured me they wouldn't SELL my pattern online, it is now for sale through the "mother ship" of F & W Media/The Quilting Company. Contracts and all their words, huh?

But you can download a FREE version of a larger quilt from their website: Pixie Sticks

If I'm not going to sell it and they insist on selling it, I can at least show you where you can get the pattern for another version free, right? Enjoy!


  1. Hi Debby! Wow, the movement in the quilt is amazing and just by alternating the fabric strips. Thanks for sharing the link to the free pattern. That's not nice that they promised to not sell the pattern online and then did! And I like your pattern name better, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thank you so much for the link. I think it's typical of the weasel words contained in many contracts these days. =P I do like the quilt a lot, and I think it would make a great leader-ender project. We'll see in 2019 what it looks like scrappy. =)


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