December Crock Block - Again!

Craftsy shuttered my store (along with 10,000 other designers) and so this last block of my 2018 Tea Party Block of the Month has gone poof!

I have moved it over to my server space temporarily so you can go get that if you haven't already. It will be free for one more week (until January 5, Saturday).

The Crock details can be found in the original post along with the pattern link.

The December Crock Block
 And a second fabric choice:

The December Crock Block
Several have asked about the block, but when I don't have a way to contact you (no email shows up when you comment), I can't help! This is why I'm reposting.

This link will disappear after January 5, 2019.

It was very hard for me to lose 120 of my 124 patterns (of course, I have the originals!). They told me my store would also disappear, but I see that they have 4 remaining patterns of mine still there!

I will let you know when I have moved over to Etsy (I have 5 patterns there so far). This caught us 10,000 designers by complete surprise and we only had one week to  figure things out - and right in the middle of Christmas! But, life goes on!

I have no plans for a 2019 BOM at this time. As you know, we moved at the end of November and my husband promptly had knee replacement surgery. And then Christmas. And then 3 days of watching my little grandsons. So, I'm just lucky to have my sewing room set up. I may get a BOM going before the Spring. You will be the first to hear about it!!

Happy New Year to all!


  1. Debby, I went to Craftsy today, looking for your shop, simply because I could not believe they would really remove you--despite knowing, logically, that they had done so. And it was gone, and I was gutted by their stupidity and the callousness of Craftsy's treatment of the designers who have built their reputation. What a disappointment. They are wasting their time sending me emails, trying to entice me to spend money in their fabric shop or luring me to align myself with them and their new incarnation. This is despicable.

  2. it's been said, that in order to grow an oak tree, [or anything else for that matter], first the seed has to disintegrate and rot in the ground, and then, behold a momentous oak tree!!! wishing you that the spring rains comje soon and with joy, nurturing your "tree" of creativity that we all love!

  3. What a nightmare! Especially here at the holidays.... and short notice! Ridiculous .. and I’m guessing it is all about $$$. Hrer’s To s wonderful 2019

  4. Thank you Debby. May you and yours have a happy 2019

  5. I agree with Shoshu this is an opportunity. Something good always come out of ends. The transformation may be hard but the outcome will be satisfying. I for one look forward to seeing your posts. You give me so many good ideas.

  6. Hi Debby! I love Shoshu's outlook on the Craftsy ending. I suspect you will find a better place to land. I am surprised by the whole shakeup and wonder about the logic behind it. I hope your husband is recovering well, and that you are finding your way out of all the boxes and disorder. Happy New Year to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I am terribly sorry this happened to so many people and was handled so unprofessionally. there will be a back lash from their actions. I am glad you are going to be on Etsy, I know it is not as simple nor free like Craftsy was but we will be able to find many of you. Happy New Year ! and take care from Iowa

  8. I am very disappointed with Craftsy for the way they handled things. I am sorry you were one who was thrown to the wolves. Take care of yourself and your family first. Everything else will fall into place. You are in my prayers as you figure everything out.

  9. awww on the bom...I bought the calendar to follow along...but I know about moving and knee replacement and grandmotherhood...soo all is good Happy New Year

  10. Debby, I am in a panic! The link to the crock doesn't work!
    Please help.
    Thank you.


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