December's Crock for the 2018 Tea Party Block of the Month

This is short and sweet. We moved from one house to another on Wednesday and we are up to our eyeballs in boxes, cleaning, sorting and placing furniture. But I wanted to make sure the December block is up and running.

It is the Crock. You can find it at my Craftsy store, FREE for the month of December only.

Craftsy shuttered my store (along with 10,000 other designers) and this pattern is no longer available via Craftsy (along with 120 others!!)

I am leaving it up for another week for FREE. Make sure you download it as it will be for purchase after January 5, 2019.

As you can see, I couldn't decide on which one to use. That will have to be made sometime in January since we have the holidays and my moving stuff. But, at least I had them cut out!

The Crock: 5-12" x 6"
And my other Crock:

The Crock


  1. Thanks so much Debby. Have fun unpacking and putting everything in its place. I know it really is a big job.
    I like the second crock.

  2. Debby, when I heard the news of what Craftsy was doing, I was pretty upset, and I requested they delete my account, which made me mad it wasn't in my control to do it! Anyway, I love your crock, especially the striped one, but I won't be getting it.

    I can't believe YOUR shop is being closed. That is ridiculous. I had a feeling things wouldn't go well when NBC decided to diversify and buy Craftsy. It's too bad, because the original Craftsy was a great boon to designers and users alike. What is happening to it is not so great.

    I hope your unpacking has gone smoothly, and you are happily stitching away on the spring and summer shows and classes - or whatever you had to design or type is finished. =)

  3. Hello Debby, I heard the bad Craftsy news, but I didn´t realize, that your account also is cut down. So I didn´t download the last block of your 2018 Tea Party BOM. Is there any possibility to get The Crock? Thank you for helping! Yours, Regina

    1. I also did the same. Hope there is a way of getting it, LOVE this BOM!

    2. Me too! I need this pattern. Please help.


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