Red Hat is Coming!

I wasn't going to offer a Block of the Month for 2019 as I was overwhelmed with my move in December (and husband's surgery and then Christmas). And since Craftsy has suspended all pattern activity on my shop (they left me with 4 patterns, so I'm not totally shut down), I had no way to offer them for free.

I had to think of a different way to get these out. I will NOT offer them via a Facebook page (as someone suggested). Not everyone online participates in Facebook and I can't keep track of who gets it and how many downloads there are. My patterns, my rules!

I've opened a new shop on Etsy and these will be offered through there at $1 per pattern. Etsy charges me for transactions, so I'm certainly not going to get rich!

Here's the first one. I made this for my guild president's quilt. It is my own pattern which I've had published in a few of my Block a Day calendars.

Red Hat: 9" finished
Here is one of the digital patterns I published in a past calendar:

Stepping Out Quilt
I'm almost finished making these blocks. They will be red, purple and a little bit of gold. What do you think?

I will include this bonus pattern in a new size. Yes, I did offer this free last year but it has since been taken off. I did discover someone had taken this EXACT design (same colors, even) and digitized it for embroidery and was selling it! I had to send her a stern letter asking her to remove that pirated work (or my lawyer would be contacting her). Whew! What a month I've had.

Here are few sneak peeks at what I've planned.

Getting ready to stitch down my umbrella:

Red Hat Umbrella

And the first part of the glove. It still needs a cuff and three little buttons. I took this photo to show the first step.
Red Hat Glove, first step
Are you game? Do you like simple appliqué? I'm making four of those shoes and I ran out of the red fabric. Two of them will be blue.

I'm hoping to launch this before the first of February. The patterns will be in pdf format and include a color photo of each block. I will also give fabric supplies for making this - both the blocks and the info for the quilt.

I'll announce it here first. Now, go look for your reddest fabric!


  1. This looks like it would be a lot of fun. Thanks

  2. Thanks for keeping your wonderful patterns going.
    I love your style and directions.

  3. While my plate is too full to participate this time, I think you've come up with a great solution and I would participate if time allowed.

  4. I think I would enjoy doing that BOM. What if the shoes were pink since if you aren't 50, you get to wear pink?

  5. Hi Debby! I cannot believe that someone took your picture, kept it exactly the same and sold it as hers. OMG! The nerve. I just love your sunbonnet Sue, the red hat, and especially the umbrella. It sure is a shame that Craftsy had to make that huge change as well, but I certainly do understand why you don't care to post them on FB. As you said, your pattern, your rules! ~smile~ Roseanne


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