Christmas in July with Michael Miller

Have you ever sewn with Minky? I don't think I have (it scares me). It stretches and moves like a knit (because it IS a knit). But it feels so luscious and soft and you just want to cuddle with it. So, I guess it's not scary after all. (And if you stick around to the end, you'll find a quick pattern that works well with these sweet fabrics!)

I was sent some holiday fabrics called Home for the Holidays. (That's not the Minky.) Such sweet, novelty prints that make me want to stitch a Christmas quilt for each of my 4 grandkids.

Home for the Holidays by Michael Miller
But I need to get back to the Minky. The collection is called You Are Magic and I also received a small piece in Minky in both the pink and blue. What's fun is that I still have 2 little grandkids who would love something to snuggle with out of Minky. And the one with the blue has the name of my 3 year old grandson's favorite stuffed animal on it: Twinkle!

Javi's blue Minky blanket with tiny pillow for his Twinkle!
I lined the two pieces of Minky with a piece of the Home for the Holidays fabric and made Javier and Eva a little, cuddly blanket. And a tiny pillow for each of their stuffed animals.

Here's the back of Javi's blanket.

Home for the Holidays
And here's the Minky blanket for Eva (who's 5 and still loves all the quilts I've given her).

Eva's Minky blanket with tiny pillow for stuffed animal
And the back of her blanket:

Home for the Holidays
I especially love that the Christmas collection includes 3 stripes! I love stripes and can have so much fun with them.

Back to the Minky. I don't think it scares me any more. My sewing wasn't perfect but little kids don't care, right? These were just two rectangles sewn together and turned right side out. Stitched around the outside about 1/2" away from the edge.

I intended to be done with this post, but those sweet Christmas fabrics wouldn't let me! So I cut out a lot of 6-1/2" squares as block centers. Those stripes were just begging to be "logs" around the centers. So I cut pairs of 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" and 2-1/2" x 10-1/2" in the matching colors.

Then I aligned them to see what I had!

Red stripes with the Christmas trees
 Green stripes around a 6-1/2" square

And pink stripes . . .

I mixed and matched a LOT of squares with those stripes. I have a dozen blocks so far and plan several more. These are SO quick. They will finish to 10". It's a great way to let the fabric do the work.

3 of my dozen blocks. Aren't they cute!
I'm a quilter and a long time sewer (almost 6 decades) and NO fabric should scare me. I mean, I actually made my wedding dress out of that fussy, foo-foo fabric with beading and lace, so I just have to remember who's the boss! I have more of that Minky, and this time it's in Hanukkah fabric, so you know I'll be back with that SOON!


  1. You are funny. I would be all confused over getting those stripes in the right direction.

  2. Minky scares me too, Debby! My grandsons are 7 and granddaughter 10, but they still love their soft cuddly blankets and always bring them when they spend the night with us! Thanks for sharing it's not really scary!

  3. Hi Debby! I just adore how you used the red/white striped fabrics. Well, all of the fabrics actually but I am especially partial to strips. Plus, using them on the diagonal it isn't noticeable if the fabric is slightly crooked or not. So very cute! ~smile~ Roseanne


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