Cookie Cutter BOM: The Tree

I'm a little early for October, but I have a VERY full week with a blog post every day (and another fabric giveaway!), so this block in my Cookie Cutter Block of the Month comes to you today.

My Cookie Cutter Tree can be done in just about any colors. I've made several quilts in both Autumn colors and Christmas colors. Since we are now officially in Fall, here is my Autumn Trees quilt top (again, one of the stolen):

Four Cookie Cutter Trees in Autumn colors

And one for the holidays:
10" Cookie Cutter Tree
This blue and yellow quilt was made about 15 years ago. I included the little cutaways and made two half blocks. I think this happened because I ran out of enough fabric to make 4 whole blocks!
Three blocks split up
Here are a few process shots on how to go from template to block:

Getting ready to trace the half-template using freezer paper

Cut out fabric for the large half-tree. You get the little inner cut for another tree.

You will need to cut a LEFT and RIGHT side for the whole block. I am cutting two lefts in the picture below.
Using the template to maximize the use of fabric.
Red left AND right trees. Yes, those cute little cutaways can be used in a creative way.
Auditioning the applique patches
Let's see the half blocks: Red background for the green left half-tree. Green background for the red right half-tree. Did you follow that? (That's why pictures are SO good.)

Let's see a few other versions of my Cookie Cutter Trees.

Four block wall quilt
Another quilt that was featured in Quilt Magazine in the early 2000s. Notice the candle mat using the little cutaways! I even used them on napkins - waste not, want not!

Quilt, candle mat and napkins
The quilt below puts the background colors together (ie, two blues, two yellows) instead of alternating them. Not sure why I did this.
Four Tree blocks and a pieced star.
And one last photo of some of the cutaways all in a circle, on their way to being a table topper. Unfortunately, this was also part of those 30 quilts and samples stolen in 2005. Aren't these cute!?

You can find the FREE pattern for the Cookie Cutter Tree at my web site (click the url). Remember, I ask that this NOT be copied and distributed. You are free to share this blog post, of course!


  1. Love your patterns and the colours you use.

  2. Thank you for the early surprise. Loving these!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the early posting. Look forward to all you have to show us in the coming weeks.

  4. Thank you for sharing the pattern and for the detailed explanation of all the possibilities.

  5. Hi Debby! I love the whole idea of this block. It can go holiday or any color combination. Wowee - a post everyday this week?! I'll be here reading along. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Thank you for another cookie cutter. I like the colors of your samples.

  7. What a fun block! I love the versatility!


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