Free Pattern Friday: Seminole Steps

I love blues, turquoise in particular. I designed a few dozen quilts for Blank Fabrics and came across this lovely one I called Seminole Steps. This features a bundle of 2-1/2" strips (a jelly roll). You have one (or a dozen), right?
Lovely set of 2-1/2" strips in turquoise
I made more than one quilt with this Inspiration Collection. Let me show them to you before I reveal the FREE pattern. Is that ok with you? These don't use 2-1/2" strips, but larger pieces from this collection.

First, a pincushion using a small scrap, some rick rack, stuffing and a tuna can (yes, it is!) A little hot glue keeps that stuffed top in the can. I made several of these.

Tuna can disguised as a pin cushion

Next is a quilt I've made several times using a widely published block pattern. I call it Delectable Mountains. I simplified the steps to fit the size I wanted.

Delectable Mountains
And one I designed in honor of a friend who died too early in life of Ovarian Cancer. This will be a future FREE pattern. It did run as a pattern on the Blank Quilting site, but they no longer have it. This quilt was auctioned a few years ago to support a local charity cause.

Memories of Janet: 48" x 48"
Now, if you're still with me, here is today's FREE pattern: Seminole Steps. I only have one picture of it and it's not very good, but the first page of the pattern has a better shot.

Seminole Steps: 57" x 61"
Hope you enjoyed my abundance of turquoise today! I still have a few small pieces of this lovely collection and may make one more project sometime. Of course, Seminole Steps will work with ANY colors, so pull out those jelly rolls you've been hoarding and waiting for the perfect pattern to stitch them into.


  1. Hi Debby! I did enjoy your turquoise extravaganza today! Those first strips you showed - ooh-la-la! I love those colors together. Thank you for the pattern today. I like how the different tones together make the rows look different even though they're the same. And your memory quilt for Janet is lovely. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love the turquoise, Debby! One of my faves, added to purple is even better! LOL

  3. Love those colours so inspirational!

  4. Turquoise is my favorite color, gemstone, and I love adding turquoise where I can in our home (our front gate, touches on our courtyard bench, our kiva, and other touches). Thank you for another free pattern - this one will be handy for those jelly rolls I have in my stash.

  5. I like all the shades of turquoise and the array of fabric strips you showed above. Thanks for the pattern. It is a lovely quilt.

  6. I love this color as it reminds me of the Caribbean waters. Love your inspiration too.


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