Cookie Cutter BOM: Toast, Block 6 (free)

November 1. Hope your Halloween wasn't spooky. We had a tornado watch here in Northern Virginia and that was scary. But bread? That's not scary. It's tasty! This is my block for November.

Yes, a piece of bread can be divided in half vertically to create one of these fun blocks. Here is one of my samples made for classes in early 2000. Yes, this series is pretty old, but still fun!

Two halves of bread: regular white bread and pumpernickel!
Cookie Cutter Toast (Bread): 10" x 10"
Just to remind you of what a piece of bread looks like. Yes, I made this!

This block is made the same way as the other five. I used raw edge appliqué and sewing machine stitching to make this fast and easy. Transfer the FREE pattern to freezer paper and cut out. You will make one left and one right side piece of bread. Iron to fabric as shown and cut out.

Using a freezer paper template
 Peel off freezer paper:
Right side of toast block
Cut one from another piece of fabric for the left side of the bread. Align both sides of the block with each other as shown. Ready to stitch!

Two halves of the Toast/Bread block
You can mix and match the fabrics as you wish.
Block stitched
I made a small quilt using this block and gave it to one of our church's staff when she left. Very Biblical, huh?
Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters
Here's the link to the one page pdf of the 10" Toast/Bread block. Please do not reproduce it for your friends and guild members.

And you can find the pattern for my Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters in my Etsy shop. It's an 8 page digital pdf with color illustrations, full size Bread template and all those 3" letters (full size).

If this is new to you, you can find the other 5 blocks by using the search box on the right sidebar. Or just click "Cookie Cutter BOM" in the Labels section. You will find the links there.


  1. Thank you Debby for all the Quilty posts and free patterns! This one will be just plain fun!

  2. Yes, it is fun, isn't it? Makes you hungry to just look at it! Thanks for stopping by. And I love the spelling of your name, too!

  3. I thought I had been following your posts very carefully. I have so far heart, butterfly, tree, leaf and toast. What am I missing? I love your patterns. Carol B.

    1. You are coming through as "unknown" and I have no way to let you know how to sign up to follow my blog. You left your name (Carol B), but unless you click the icon on the right sidebar "Follow me on Bloglovin", then you come through without a name. You can find the other links for the CC Bonanza BOM by checking on the "labels" list on the right. Thanks for your interest in the patterns!

  4. Here's the list of the free Cookie Cutter blocks I've shared here so far:
    June: Heart
    July: Dreidel
    August: Butterfly
    September: Leaf
    October: Tree
    November: Toast/Bread

  5. Hi Debby! What a fun block - even my little great-nephew said toast when he saw the photo. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne


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