Cookie Cutter BOM: The Pear (Block 7)

Thanksgiving is past and so is Black Friday. Hope you enjoyed my week of rainbow colors and all the quilts that I shared. It's December 1 (HOW can that be?) and time for another of my Cookie Cutter blocks. This is the Pear, block #7. Maybe you can use it in your Partridge in a Pear Tree quilt (oh, you weren't planning on making one?)

10" Cookie Cutter Pear
Let's see a vintage drawing of a cluster of pears in the Horn of Plenty series.

Colored version of the Pear block from the vintage Horn of Plenty series
I made a 4 Block quilt and had it published in Quilt Magazine about 15 years ago. I gave the pears a tilt using a Tri-Recs type of ruler. This makes them "dance" back and forth.

Dancing Pears
Here is the pic of the entire quilt with the Pear block at the top. Remember, all the blocks finish to 10". That right side border is composed of all the small half-hearts leftover from cutting the BIG hearts in my Hearts on Fire quilt which I made in the early 2000s.

Cookie Cutter Sampler
In case you missed the previous FREE blocks, here are the links:

I'd love to hear how you're doing in this series and to see any blocks you've made. You can download the PEAR by clicking that link. See you in January for one of the three left! 


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