Hanukkah Quilts and Dreidel Pattern

Somehow I got the dates for Hanukkah 2019 wrong and posted a bit early. But I looked it up and it began this past Saturday. Good thing this occupies a week of blessings and celebration!

This is one of the several cards I stitched and used those photo cards to showcase my special Hanukkah fabric from about 20 years ago! I just had a few scraps and this was perfect for that. Yes, I quilted that small piece.

Holiday card with Hanukkah fabrics
Then one day about 3 years ago I came upon a stack of Hanukkah fabrics (from Keepsake catalog about 10 years before that) at a thrift shop in Baltimore. I was hyperventilating. Yes, I'm a Christian, but I have Jewish people in my life and always like having something on hand for gifts. Wait until you see what I did with these!

Two of several pieces of Hanukkah themed fabrics
I made a signature quilt for my granddaughter's Jewish preschool class in Baltimore.  Several parents wrote in the signature sections. I did quilt it (no photo; not sure why!) and it hangs on a wall in that special place.
Gift to my granddaughter's preschool class
These I made about 20 years ago. Bookmark and little gift tag. Aren't they sweet. Have since given them away.
Bookmark and gift tag
And you saw this a week or so ago, my new Star of David quilt using Pearl Essence fabrics by Benartex.
Star of David Hanukkah quilt
 And the center star up close. All patches are based on the magical 60 degree triangle/diamond. No y-seams - all straight seam sewing. I will be getting a pattern done for this in 2020.

Center of that star!
And lastly a few Dreidel blocks. These were made into some gift bags and were featured in the Quilting Arts Holiday 2015 magazine.

Paper pieced dreidel blocks
And one of the bags up close. This Dreidel block is 6" and paper pieced. There are cutting dimensions for each patch.
Paper pieced dreidel gift bag
This is how the 6" Dreidel block looks after being pieced. Simple and easy.

6" Paper Pieced Dreidel block (see the top of the right sidebar)
This Dreidel block is part of my 2019 Cookie Cutter Sampler.
Raw edge appliqué Dreidel block (FREE)
Thanks for stopping by. For those who celebrate Christmas (this is Christmas Eve), I say Merry Christmas. And to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah. And to ALL I wish you peace and blessings in the coming year.


  1. I really like the Star of David quilt. Even though I am a Christian, I celebrate Hanukkah in spirit. It is based on a story in the Bible.


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