Sweet Baby Logs (again)

I received a request for this pattern the other day. It used to be in my Craftsy shop (along with 120+ others), but it was hastily taken down before Craftsy annihilated it. (Remember the restructuring of Craftsy last December when they closed down 10,000 shops like mine with about a week's notice?!!)

Sweet Baby Logs from 2015. 10" blocks; 44" x 44" quilt
Each of these quilts were made using fat quarters (you have some of those, don't you?) This is a great scrap buster quilt (as seen with my gray and white one below). Anything goes with this quilt.

I remade it in some Kaffe Fassett fabrics using blues and white, with hints of green and lavender. I added wider border strips to this one. It was quilted by Lee Taylor of White Stone, VA. She is the owner of the Sew Lovelee Quilt shop. I have since put binding on it.

I got creative with the border (as I did with the one above). I didn't want to use a single fabric. And, again, I was working with FAT QUARTERS, so I cut strips from those and used a positive/negative arrangement.

My Baby Logs Have the Blues
This is an Off-Center Log Cabin using thick and thin strips. Am I a genius? Hardly.

Take a look at this vintage quilt from the 1920s and tell me "what's old is new again!" All I did was tweak the size of the logs so it really makes your eyes swing back and forth, right?

Vintage Log Cabin Quilt from the 1920s
I made this in grays:

Baby Logs in Grays
I stitched 20 blocks and put them together into an asymmetrical assembly. Needs a border. Unfortunately, the lighting in my hallway is poor, but it's raining outside (and getting ready to snow!)

20 Block Gray and White print
And just recently in black and white. My plan for this is to use a thin red inner border and then a black and white outer border.

16 blocks without borders
Ha, ha. Plans don't always happen when you start auditioning fabric. I went for a black striped inner border and a beautiful red and black print outer. This is 56" x 56" as a 16 block quilt.

16 Block Baby Logs
The pattern is available on my Etsy site. Just click the links above to get more info. I'm sure you'll agree that the Log Cabin block is a real favorite - whether old or new. I've made many, many more in my 25 years of quilting. How about you?


  1. Hi Debby! You, along with a few other quilting friends, are helping me to let go of a grudge I've held against the log cabin block for years and years. It was one of the first blocks I made for a queen sized quilt for my sister. Perhaps that was a bit too ambitious for a first project, but I never have made a log cabin block after the plethora needed for her quilt. These are wonderful! It is a bit dimensional too when studying it, especially the last gray one. Thanks for the gentle reminder on how great the block is, and it's time to give it a chance again. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh, yes, I do like the new versions, too. I keep seeing the black and white one with that narrow red border you talked about. I have a collection of black and white back there that I was looking at just today ... hmmmm.

  3. I am hoping to quilt that black and white with red border sometime soon. I’m glad you like it (and I see that you also just purchased the pattern! Many thanks)

    I have a new way to quilt the larger quilts. Even tho I have a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 sit down, I still don’t like wrestling something bigger than 30” square. I don’t have room for an extension table. I recently discovered I could use my walking foot on my Bernina and “baste” along the horizontals and verticals every 10” or so. Then I can trust things stay put on the back when I transfer it to the larger machine.

    Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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