Fleur de Lis: Last Block in the Cookie Cutter Sampler

Just in time for Mardi Gras. This is Block #10 in my Cookie Cutter Sampler BOM. You can find the other 9 by clicking that link. ALL patterns will be removed at the end of March, so if you don't have all of them, as they say: THE TIME IS NOW!

Here are the two halves together, ready for me to stitch them down (always by machine; that's my style).
Fleur de Lis: 10" finished
Here is cutting out one half using the freezer paper template:
Freezer paper template ironed onto the applique fabric
Here is the block in the quilt (last row, 3rd one down).

Cookie Cutter Sampler Quilt
Here is the link for the 9 previous blocks. I put it on the Pear page. My quilt is still un-quilted. It's calling to me from the closet, but I'm ignoring it. I'm getting ready to go on the road to teach for the Sewing Expo and there's still a lot to do.

I began the series in June 2019 and you can see a lot of details there: Cookie Cutter Sampler Intro.

Hope you've enjoyed this Block of the Month. If you've got some pics to share, send them to me. There is no capability on the blog for you to upload. Maybe next month I'll have a blog post dedicated to quilts and blocks made by YOU!


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