Palm Sunday Quilts

This is a very strange Palm Sunday for those of us in the habit of attending church. We can't and it is a weird feeling. I've shared here before my Hosannah quilts which get their origin from what the little children sing when they walk down the church aisles waving palm branches. It is a recreation of what people did when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on that first Palm Sunday.

My most recent Palm Quilt is one I made for a workshop. It is composed of 10" blocks, but I've also written the pattern for 7" blocks (since you can print those on your home printer!) I used some shot cottons for the palm fronds and two Kaffe Fassett prints to finish it off.

Palm Quilt: 7" blocks; 33" x 43" quilt
Here are a few of the blocks:

And here are a few of my other quilts made using both the 7" blocks and the 10" blocks.

Cupid's Arrows wall banner
And the quilt from my Paper Piecing Perfect Points book:
Hosannah Quilt: same size as the first one above
And a larger quilt with 16 blocks 10" x 10":
16 block Palm quilt
And a very, very pink quilt! Each of the Palm blocks is a different Kaffe Fassett print.
Palm Quilt: 56" x 56"
And one of the first Palm Quilts I made about 15 years ago. It was a workshop I taught in Atlanta when I lived there:

10" Blocks set on point: 45" x 45"
I have several others that I'll bring out another time. Hope you've enjoyed the show. Check out my Palm Quilt in the Etsy shop which uses the 7" size. Very scrappy with the 3 colors for each block.

If you celebrate Palm Sunday, I wish you a meaningful day, even if you won't be able to step foot into your church.


  1. Your Palm quilts are so beautiful. All the colors are really pretty. Stay healthy.🌻🎶🐦💙

  2. Beautiful Quilts Debby.Early Happy Easter greetings too you and your family.I hope all stays well in your home .From NL. CANADA



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