Stash Block Saturday: Souvenir

I designed this quilt for Blank Fabrics in 2007 and called it Color Blox Stars. It uses the traditional Souvenir Block. I made it in the blue colors and the brown quilt is just a digital. The blocks are 15" x 15". (The blue one is the real quilt.)

Color Blox Stars: 65" x 65"
 And the brown fabrics:

Color Blox in Browns
Click the links and you will be able to download the color 2 page pattern.

Here is the Stash Block in a 10" size. This ran in Quilt Magazine in 2007. Notice the Asian flavored fabrics.

Souvenir Block: 10" x 10"
Here is the cutting diagram for the 10" block.
So, grab some scraps and make a sample block. If you like it, make some more and soon you'll have enough for a quilt! Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Debby! I hope you are doing well. What a beautiful quilt. I am usually not a fan of brown but I really am drawn to that version. Thanks for sharing! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I agree with Home Sewn about the brown - this one is fabulous!

  3. Hi Debby, Thanks for this great quilt pattern. I'm a blues fan so I love the blue quilt but I really love the cream with pink florals in your Souvenir Block.


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