Saturday, May 2, 2020

FREE Patten Saturday: Blazing Star

It's Saturday, another day in Paradise, right? Sewing and quilting is what is keeping me from going crazy. How are you holding up? Today I have not only a free pattern but photos of my process for making the blocks!

This is a quilt I designed for Windham Fabrics using their Recorked Collection. I've made several quilts using these fabrics because they have so many possibilities! This is called Blazing Star because that's the name of the vintage block!

Blazing Star: 69" x 69". There are 13 blocks (12" finished)
Here is a stack of Uncorked (which is a precursor to Recorked). Now I think you can see how awesome these are!
Uncorked Fabrics
I shared a lot of the steps on how to make this block several years ago using a collection called Broken Stripes by Windham. Do you remember? Let me refresh your memory so you will want to make this fun and FREE Blazing Star pattern.

I eeked out 32 blades from the scraps of the scraps. Windham had sent me 1/2 yard cuts of each of the 7 colors, but I only had to dip into it for 3 blades. Can we see the blades, huh?

Blazing Star blades, 4 of each color
Now, what did I do with all these blades?

1. Cut a 12-1/2" square of background fabric and then press horizontal, vertical and both diagonal lines for points of orientation for the blades.

12-1/2" background square with folds for alignment of patches
2. Cut out patches using the blade template. I like to use freezer paper because I can iron it to the RIGHT side of the fabric, which is reinforced with fusible interfacing. I actually used this template for all 32 blades! (Freezer paper can be reused, obviously.) I strongly suggest you do NOT use fusible webbing. It makes the applique stitching difficult.

Iron template to right side of fabric that has been reinforced with interfacing
No need to first cut out template; you can cut both out with the first patch!
The interfacing was fused to wrong side of fabric FIRST, before the cut.

See the interfacing? This keeps the patch edges from fraying
Position next patch, ready for cutting
Now for placing the patches!

Background square pressed; first blade placed
3. Alternate the colors (two colors per block), overlapping the previous blade with the next blade as shown. Use the lines for orientation.

Place blades one by one, using fold lines as your guide
4. Continue placing blades, tucking the last one (#8) under the first one. Pin all in place.

All blades placed; last blade is slipped under the first blade
5. Set your sewing machine to a short zigzag stitch and use matching thread. Work with one color first, stitching the four matching blades. Switch thread and stitch the remaining four matching blades. Add the center circle of black.

Finished block with center circle (yes, I changed the colors before I stitched)

What does it look like from the back?

Stitching from the wrong side of block
And can we see the other blocks?

Another Blazing Star Block
Purple and green - looks yummy, doesn't it?
The multi-color print was used in two blocks
Now, after making 4 of these blocks, I put them into a lovely quilt with some irregular Flying Geese and a lot more white (actually, this is Kona Snow, which is my FAVORITE background solid).

Don't forget the FREE PATTERN for the quilt featured at the top of this post.

Here is the digital rendition of my Blazing Star variation:
4 Block Blazing Star
I'll post a real pic of the quilt I made as soon as the sun comes out and the deck dries off! Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Debby and Happy Saturday to you! Indeed, another day in Paradise. I love this quilt! And I have some Uncorked fabrics in my stash for sure. Thanks for the free pattern - I will download it and add it to my very lengthy list of to-be-made patterns. Egads. It's getting way too long. I'd better get busy. Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern - so many possibilities. Take Care

  3. I have to say, that's pretty good fabric for that pattern. I like the effect. Yes, I'm still catching up a little. No need to reply. I'm just doing what I always do, but I fell way behind this time. =P


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