Storm at Sea: Day 4

Here is a beautiful quilt made by Linda C. and I have shared this here before. It was made 9 years ago after a workshop that Linda had taken from me.

There are endless ways to color these 3 units. The illusion of curves is because of the two different angles uses. The 5" x 10" diamond block uses an angle that is less than 60 degrees but more than 55 degrees!

Take a look at the 3 different blocks that I used in that first heart quilt (from Day 1). The diamond block is at the top right. You can also see the various colorings of the other two blocks. It's the placement of the various colors that makes your eye think it's seeing curves!

My pattern has a line drawing that you can use to plan colors and make some of those lines appear to be curves! And, don't forget Pinterest for even more inspiration.

This last quilt was designed for Windham Fabrics. But I just didn't want to make more boats and when I cut out the anchors, I cut off one of those bottom points and then threw everything into the trash. I went to Plan B.

So here are the blocks I made:

4 different units for my quilt

Yes, I eliminated the anchor. I started to cut it out but chopped off one of those points when I was distracted talking on the phone.

This is how I cut out appliqué patches: I use freezer paper for my templates and I added fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the patches and NOT paper backed webbing. I didn't want the dark background fabric (ie, red and blue) to change the color of the light appliqué patches.

Freezer paper template

And these stars, front and back:


And here's my version with the replacement blocks. It measures 47" x 47" and is just a top at this point.

Sail Away quilt made with Fresh Catch fabrics

Hope you enjoyed my Storm at Sea quilts and variations!


  1. Thanks Debby they are beautiful .Love ,Love,Love the fabric in Fresh Catch.

    1. Hi, Mary Ellen. Yes, it really is such cute fabric. I’ve been sitting on it for about a year (it was released in 2018) and finally cut it up!

      Thanks for stopping by! Always glad to hear from you.

  2. I think today's are my favorite.


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