King's Crown Quilts

February 15 in my Quilter's Block a Day calendar features a traditional block called King's Crown. While we here in America don't have a king (but a president), it just calls to mind fairy tales and stories of long ago for us. Here is one of my King's Crown quilts from at least 10 years ago:

King's Crown with 16" blocks

It's the arrangement of the fabric in the corner squares that creates a secondary pattern. Here you can see the block's line drawing and the use of sashing. Notice the "D" squares are different colors.

Here is the first one I made about 15 years ago using an Asian inspired collection of gorgeous prints. The center square is a wonderful place to fussy cut a lovely motif.

Someday I may make another one. I have given away the 3 I've made. I'm sure someone is enjoying the beautiful fabrics!


  1. Thanks Debbie appreciate the daily inspiration.

  2. You are the Mistress of Color Arrangement! It always surprises me how different the same pattern can look with just a little color thought first.


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