Free Pattern Friday: Pocket Change with a Jelly Roll

We all have some loose change in our pockets or purses. During the "lockdown" there was a coin shortage (why - I don't know). My husband decided to count up his huge jars of coins he had collected for the past few years - can you say a few hundred dollars? (To be fair, there were a LOT of quarters in there).

I designed a quilt for Blank Quilting about 15 years ago, inspired by the vintage Chinese Coins pattern. This uses a Jelly Roll and is so easy! Any jelly roll will do. 

I called the quilt Pocket Change. Blank changed it to Loose Change. Doesn't matter - they paid me, so they can rename it!

Pocket Change/Loose Change: 55" x 58"

Notice that the vertical "coins" are all cut from the jelly roll strips (2-1/2"), but their width varies.

A typical jelly roll has 40 strips. This quilt only uses 19 strips! Go to your stash today and find one of your (several) abandoned jelly rolls and make one of these quilts. Or two! Fast. Easy. Done!


  1. Thank you. I have enough jelly rolls and 2.5 in strips to make many. Looks like a great one for beginners as there are no corners to match.

    1. Yes. I think you're right about this being a perfect beginner quilt! Thanks for sharing that.

  2. I don't have any jelly roll strips. But I like this quilt. guess I could cut my own strips.

    1. Oh, yes, Susan. We all can cut our own jelly roll strips. That's what we did before they marketed them as Jelly Rolls!


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