Delectable Mountains Quilts and FREE Pattern

Delectable Mountains is a vintage pattern that's been with us for at least 100 years. Traditionally pieced using templates for the triangles, I began to think of it from a different angle. I wrote a few instructional articles for Quilt Magazine 23 years ago (1999) that featured this block. I showed the various ways to arrange the blocks.

Here's the block and the templates that we offered in Quilt.

5" Delectable Mountains block

Then the variations:

Here are a few of my Delectable Mountains quilts that I've made with a simpler technique (and I'm still digging through my computer files to find my artwork!) The first was made with a collection called Inspiration by Blank Fabrics.

Delectable Mountains using Inspiration

Then I made one using some Kaffe Fassett fabrics the same year:

Delectable Mountains. Center: 26" x 26". With borders, approx. 41" x 41" 

I have a lot of leftover units from that turquoise quilt above. I was playing around with their arrangement.

Here is the simple way I made these - no official pattern. 

  • I cut two 7-7/8" squares of contrasting fabrics and sewed along one diagonal to make two half-square triangle units that now measure 7-1/2" (unfinished). See the bottom of the next photo. That part is key, because now I need to cut this unit into 3rds - and you can divide 7-1/2" by 3: 2-1/2" slices.
  • The two half-square triangles have to be arranged as shown at the bottom (the blue makes a "mountain")

7-1/2" half-square triangle units cut into thirds

  • Then they are swapped as shown (within each set of units). 
  • Now the units measure 6-1/2" wide by 7-1/2" high (because you stitched 2 seams). Put together they form a rectangle measuring 7-1/2" x 12-1/2".

  • For the two finished quilts above I cut a center square 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" and the four outside squares are cut 7-1/2" x 7-1/2". 
Now let's see more detail. I had to recut these and step it out even to understand myself! Just pay attention to the bottom (where the half-square triangles have been cut).

Cut half-square triangles as described above (2-1/2" x 7-1/2" strips)

Now, look at the numbers. This is KEY!

To make the RIGHT side of the Delectable Mountains unit, you move the cut strips from the LEFT side. Follow the numbers for arranging them. Sew together into unit as shown at top of photo.

To make the LEFT side of the Delectable Mountains unit, move the strips from the RIGHT side and rearrange according to number as shown in photo below.

Each quilt center needs FOUR of the Delectable Mountains units which measure 7" x 12" finished.

So, you want me to list the fabric requirements, right?
  • Fat quarter (or long quarter) of each of TWO fabrics for the 7-1/2" x 12-1/2" units (my lavender speckled and blue/lavender floral)
  • Fat quarter (or long quarter) of the four outside squares (my purple small floral print)
  • Fat quarter for the center 12-1/2" square
  • Quarter yard for inner border (I cut these 2" x wof)
  • 3/4 - 1 yard for outer border
  • 1/4 yard for binding
Go ahead - make a quilt and see how fun this is!


  1. This is a pattern I've always liked. Yours are gorgeous, and the technique you used is well illustrated, thanks!

    1. You're welcome. My technique strays far beyond the traditional pattern, but it is fun to play with.

  2. You always make it so easy! Thank you friend.. and Happy Thanksgiving. (judy)

    1. You're welcome, Judy! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. When I first saw a delectable mountains block, I was not impressed with it. But you show many variations of how it can be used. I have changed my mind and may give this a try when my shoulder heals.

    1. My method is VERY different than the original, but I think it's more fun - and simpler. I'm pretty sure I've made the vintage versions long ago!


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