Baby Blocks Workshop

The traditional Baby Blocks pattern uses 60 degree diamonds and is stitched using a y-seam. My Baby Blocks technique takes out that y-seam altogether. This is a great 3 hour workshop!

Baby Blocks small quilt: 36" x 36"

I actually patterned this in Quilt Magazine in 1996 the same way - no y-seams! Traditionally this is made using ALL diamonds, but I split some of them up and you can't even tell.

Here is the same technique worked into a table runner: Connie's Vintage Runner

Baby Blocks Runner

We work some magic with those light background pieces and you will be delightfully surprised at how easy and quick this quilt goes together.  Go bigger with My Diamonds Have the Blues (60" x 60") 

Baby Blocks: My Diamonds Have the Blues. 60" x 60"

And a very happy student went bigger, too!

Roberta's Baby Blocks

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