MAQ July Classes (Gettysburg, PA)

We're back with some beautiful class offerings in an even more beautiful setting in Gettysburg, PA. Let me show you my 3 classes and give you a more inclusive supply list than is possible at the online MAQ web site (they have limitations not of their own doing!)

July 10, Friday Class: One Day Lone Star

SUPPLY LIST has 2 pages with a large coloring/fabric planning chart. There is a $5 pattern fee.

This is pieced using strips for the 9-Patch diamonds. We use the magical 45 degree line on our acrylic rulers to get an accurate cut. The outside setting triangles and squares can be one piece or split into two for ease of construction (without y-seams)
35" Lone Star with borders
This is my second Lone Star using some bright prints. I added the curved bias trim after I saw a vintage quilt with the same thing. We will discuss this (and I will have a handout), but we won't have time to do this. But you will know how!

35" Lone Star before bias trim
 Adding the bias trim:
Bias trim added
And one of my students from last year added even more to the plain spaces:

Lisa G's Lone Star with bias trim
Lisa added a flower, stem and leaves!
And when I was preparing for my class, I thought I lost my samples, so I made some more in solids. Of course, THEN I found my samples . . .

Half a Lone Star using solids
One Day Lone Star SUPPLY LIST has 2 pages with a large coloring/fabric planning chart

Saturday, July 11 Class: New York Beauty. $15 kit fee is for the 17 page pattern which includes all master patterns, foundations for most of the blocks, and well illustrated steps.

I made this using paper piecing, but knew I couldn't do it justice with my own quilting. I gave it to an expert, Jane Hauprich!

New York Beauty quilted by Jane Hauprich
We will be paper piecing the center Dogwood Blossom blocks (with the curves). Then the Dogtooth borders and the corner lone star blocks.

I am making this again using some Kaffe Fassett prints. What do you think?

Dogtooth borders with paper still on
 And just one of the units:
One part of the Dogtooth Border
Here is the SUPPLY LIST for New York Beauty. The pictures are larger and the coloring chart is, too.

July 12, Saturday Class: English Paper Piecing.      Class Supplies and a $20 pattern fee for several sets of pre-cut fabric and papers

This is a fun class that is back by popular demand for the 3rd year! We begin with hexagons and then go on to adding diamonds, jewels and putting them all together makes for a lot of beautiful blocks. Let's see some of them, right?

We start with hexagons. Lots of them.These are called Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) blocks.

GFG blocks made with 1" hexagons
Students will receive little packs of 3/4" hexagons and fabric to test this size! I made several blocks and put them into this little quilt. She's so sweet, don't you think?
Sample quilt made using 3/4" hexagons.
Then we will explore mixing 60 degree diamonds with our hexagons. I have SO MANY samples and I know you will be inspired.

12 diamonds make this little star
A special animal print centered in this Star block. One hexagon, six triangles and six diamonds. I will show you how to finish this block using pre-quilted fabric (not in your kit, but readily available at Joann's)

Star Bouquet block using 3 different shape
I think I have enough of this Wild Woods collection so each student can one of the animals. Aren't these sweet?!
We will discuss (and make) blocks that require us to fussy cut a motif
And here's a Star Bouquet block that will be available. This introduces the Jewel shape. One hexagon, six jewels and six diamonds.

Star Bouquet Block
And just the jewels together make lovely little hearts!

Two jewels make a heart!
Interlock the hearts
Interlocked hearts in a ring

Stacked hearts 
Stacked Hearts
And one more option in the kits (so many choices). Students will get a chance to select something like this:

Updated vintage Wagon Wheel block with a fussy cut center motif
Another vintage block using 3 hexagons and 3 diamonds:

Let the fabric do the work!
Not all students will get all of these kits, but I will have plenty to choose from for you to have at least 4 kits of fabric and papers. This is hand stitching and somewhat slow, and you won't finish more than 2 blocks at the most, but now you will have something to take when you need some stitching!

Check out the  Class Supplies! Hope to see you in July!

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