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MAQ is coming!

I live in Virginia and I am excited to be teaching at the Mid-Appalachian Quilters retreat July 13-15 in Emmitsburg, MD. Every year they raffle a quilt with the proceeds going toward a worthwhile charity. I donated this year's quilt, one I designed and made for Blank Quilting a few years ago. The quilt kept crying in the closet, asking for someone to love it, and I figured this is a way to make both the quilt and winner happy - along with providing funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Here is the quilt ( you can buy tickets from MAQ ) and also the free two page pattern. It is an easy block and quilt and I hope you enjoy it! I named the pattern Color Blox Stars ; the traditional block is called "Souvenir" and it is 15" square. Souvenir Stars - 65" x 65"

Minnesota Quilters Show 2012

Sassy Mariner's Compass I'm here in the beautiful city of Rochester, Minnesota for the annual quilt show for Minnesota Quilters. They put on a fantastic show in one of the most important cities in the USA. Why is it important? It's the home of the famous Mayo Clinic, a place we ALL respect and hope we never have to visit, but are glad it's there if there is ever a need! I thought I would post pictures of the 3 classes I am teaching (OK: 2 are past, one is coming). I have had motivated and very happy students so far (yes, I get a grouch every now and then). The first class was on Wednesday - the Sassy Mariner's Compass! This began with the center compass which is the basis for my Beginner's Mariner's Compass class. An easy 16" block with curves gentle enough for a novice quilter. Then the halo of points were supposed to connect to the center, but I didn't measure correctly and after I pieced all of them I discovered a 1" gap! Yikes!!! So,