Monday, May 29, 2017

All of Patricia's Blocks at Once!

Did you know that I have 22 Pinterest Boards? And 669 pins (mostly of my own quilts, blocks and tutorials). And one board is exclusively to showcase Patricia's blocks. I update it (or try to) each week with the reveal of the next 7 blocks here on my blog.

Patricia's Blocks from My Calendar currently has 166 pins. It's quite a feast for the eyes! And when I have a quilt I've made from any of the blocks, I add those, too. Check it out.

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar

3 Block Runner

All of Patricia's Blocks that she made in 2016!

My own Trillium Wreath (May)

King's Crown quilt (mine)

Another of my King's Crown quilts

The Good Luck quilt with 4 blocks (gifted to a child)

The Good Luck Quilt done in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I still own this LARGE quilt
So, if you want to scroll through 166 images of Patricia's blocks (with a few of my own real quilts), take a visit to my Pinterest Board: Patricia's Blocks from My Calendar.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 22

Week 22 with 7 more beautiful blocks by Patricia Bryant of Australia!

May 28: Tic-Tac-Toe Variation
May 28: Tic Tac Toe Variation, 8"
 May 29: Tulip
May 29: Tulip, 8"
 May 30: Star Spangled Banner

May 30: Star Spangled Banner, 18"
 And let's see the Star Spangled Banner block I made many years ago (which I shared on my blog in 2014)
Star Spangled Banner block, 18"
And would you like THREE FREE patterns with the Americana theme? Go to my post from last year and you can see some amazing blocks and download the patterns: Hey, Hey, USA.

May 31: Memory Wreath (our Memorial Day here in the USA)
May 31: Memory Wreath, 12"
June 1: Arkansas Meadow Rose
June 1: Arkansas Meadow Rose, 10"
And let me show you my own Arkansas Meadow Rose made about 20 years ago. I still own this!

Arkansas Meadow Rose
June 2: Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain
June 2: Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain, 16"
June 3: Bird Tracks
June 3: Bird Tracks, 12"
See you next week. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. And never forget: we are free because of the brave. A heartfelt thank you to those who serve, have served and their families!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three Applique Blocks to Color

Here is a quilt I made about 20 years ago from some orphan blocks my editor gave to me. She said, "Go do something with these." And, I did! This still hangs in my house and I look at it each morning in my dressing area.
Three Tulips Quilt
This quilt with the peach setting triangles and borders was also a set of orphan blocks. They were appliqued on point in the squares, so all I had to do was separate them with floral sashings and add the rest to square them up. I don't remember who I gifted this to; I hope it is hanging somewhere and being appreciated for its beauty. (Remember, I did not make these blocks!)

Peach Baskets and Blooms Quilt
 I came across some of the artwork I created for both of these quilts. This dates back about 20 years, too! The pattern fills are a bit dated, but the flowers and applique elements are timeless, right?

Blooms Block #1
 Maybe you'd like to color it with your own hues and tints.
Color Me! Blooms Block #1
 Here is a lovely basket block with a single bloom.

Color Me! Basket Block with Single Bloom
And a coloring page if you're interested.

Color Me! Basket Block with Single Bloom
 And a third block: basket with two blooms.

Color Me! Basket Block with Two Blooms

The black and white line drawing to download and color:

Color Me! Basket with Two Blooms

This is what they look like together in my digital file. Not like the real quilt at the top of the page, but I simplified the assembly for another lesson (long ago and in another time when I was an editor with Quilt Magazine).

I agree with most of the comments I've gotten on the coloring pages: quilters just want to play with the REAL fabric and not take precious quilting time to color paper! But sometimes a pattern or a block captivates you and you want to see what it would look like in real fabric before cutting into said fabric. I hope you enjoyed seeing two of my older quilts made with even older blocks.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 21

Welcome to Week #21 of Patricia's beautiful blocks from my calendar designs. A lot of happy colors in the blocks to reflect all the beautiful colors happening out my window. Spring is bursting out all over!

May 21: Raspberry Compote

May 21: Raspberry Compote, 8"

May 22: Spring Bud

May 22: Spring Bud, 6"

May23: Sage Bud
May 23: Sage Bud, 12"

May 24: Sickle
May 24: Sickle, 12"

May 25: Spool
May 25: Spool, 8"
Can I show you a Spool Quilt I made about 20 years ago? A real scrap buster! I tried to find the pattern on my computer, but I can't remember what I named it. I'll keep looking and when I locate it, I'll get it to you.

Blue Scrappy Spools Quilt
May 26: Picture Frame

May 26: Picture Frame, 12"
 May 27: Country Roads
May 27: Country Roads, 10"
See you next Sunday. Have a wonderful week. I hope you get some stitching in!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Revisiting the Vortex Quilts

First, the winner of this week's Liberty Garden fat quarter bundle is Angie of North Carolina. Congratulations, Angie!

I was working on a version of my Modern Vortex Quilt using more than two colors. You know, the Vortex Quilt . . .
Vortex Quilt, c. 1910
And my version . . .

Modern Vortex Quilt
A student from a few years ago used multiple colors for those wedges and I decided I wanted to make the same sort of sample. Jane does amazing long arm quilting, too!

Modern Vortex by Jane H. of Maryland
Here is a sample from last Tuesday's class. Linda B of Pennsylvania shared this pic with me (and gave her permission to share it:

Vortex quilt by Linda B. of PA
Back to that technicolor quilt. I began with 6 colored fabrics and a "white" solid background.

Multi-colored Dresden fan wedges
But, what happens when you THINK you have the SAME fabrics for the light fabric in the strips/strata and the background squares? Holy Cow! Was I disillusioned! Those white dresden tips are supposed to disappear into the background. Oh, well, right?

Multi-Colored Center with Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett setting triangles
I NEVER saw the difference in the two "white" fabrics until I photographed them on my deck. Was I ever WRONG! Now I have to start over (NOT) But, of course, the setting triangles are beautiful in that Philip Jacobs print (Brocade Peony), right? And the Aboriginal Dots by Kaffe in purple - well, that's all I had in my stash!

And, of course, I am NOT starting over. This is just a teaching sample to help my students understand what NOT to do when they are in the "fabric collection" part of making a quilt. I certainly am NOT taking anything apart.

When you make a Vortex quilt with all these colors, you have to cut for two blocks to get one. I have all the leftover wedges to make another center. But I'll wait until I no longer teach the class. They are part of my samples.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Folded Hexagon Flowers Tutorial with Liberty Garden

Liberty Garden for Spring and Giveaway!

Liberty Garden by Benartex is a perfect collection for Spring. The flowers and colors celebrate all the newness that this season brings our way. I received all 33 of the skus, but I narrowed it down to just six for the project I had in mind. 

Six fabrics chosen from Liberty Garden
For this mini project, I decided to revisit some of my 3-D hexagons, yoyos and prairie point flower leaves. First, let's see what I mean for the folded hexie! Then I think you'll understand my steps.

Head on over to Sew in Love with Fabric to see how this 3-D Folded Hexagon Flower is made!
Folded hexagon with yo-yo center 

And you'll get the link for making folded prairie points and the FREE pattern for this quilt I call Trash Basket Batiks!

You can see the prairie points (and yo-yos) in the pic below:

GIVEAWAY is a fat quarter bundle of Liberty Garden fabrics. Aren't they delicious?

Liberty Garden by Benartex
Take a visit to my tutorial on Sew in Love with Fabric and come back and tell me what you think of the folded patches. Benartex has a fat quarter bundle of the Liberty Garden fabrics to give away to a random winner. Contest is over Thursday at midnight. USA residents only.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 20

Today is May 14. Happy Mother's Day to you moms out there! My mom would have been 93 today.

Blanche and John Gawbill, my parents in the late 1940s (before I was born!)
She was not a quilter, but she did occasionally sew - a few curtains here and there. She had an old Singer that I learned to sew on when I joined 4-H back in the 1960s. We were making dirndl skirts, you know - a full, gathered skirt attached to a waistband. Garment sewing and I do not get along anymore. It's all about quilts!

Let's see another week's worth of Patricia's blocks!

May 14: Hourglass
May 14: Hourglass, 12"
 May 15: Illinois
May 15: Illinois, 18"
 May 16: Jack and Six
May 16: Jack and Six, 9"
 May 17: May Basket
May 17: May Basket, 10"
 May 18: Mosaic
May 18: Mosaic, 12"

May 19: Mexican Rose, 10"
 May 20: Pansy
May 20: Pansy, 8"
Wishing you a delightful day and a week with some quilting in there! See you again next time.