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Recent Quilt Finish

I am making it my quilting priority to finish a LOT of my workshop samples. I have a wonderful outlet for everything and the bonus is that I don't have to quilt them myself! My local guild has a fabulous member who longarm quilts our quilts when they are used for our charity endeavors. This is the very last of my Buzz Saw samples. As you can see, I had to use a "renegade" blade (orange) to complete the 20 blade center. I used an older Windham Fabics collection called Raj. This quilt will be a bright spot for some little child (I hope)! Raj Buzz Saw : 39" x 39" My ruler is an 18 degree Dresden wedge that has a height of 12-1/2"! That makes for a large center. It has both 30 and 60 degree diagonal lines on it fork cutting the wedges (no templates). Buzz Saw ruler (no templates needed; these were used in the magazine)  Here is the first Buzz Saw I made. It appeared in an issue of Modern Quilts (2014). I went on to teach this as a workshop about a dozen times.

Quilt Calendars?

A question for my quilting friends: Would a desktop block-a-day calendar interest you? I'm sure you remember all those that were on the market for years (I created 15, plus 4 wall calendars - I'm just saying . . .) It's not my own initiative and I just want to know the interest level. It began with the 2006 calendar. I initiated this because the 2004 calendar I received as a Christmas gift was so poorly done (from the viewpoint of a quilter). The publisher said: "OK. Let's see you do it!" I made their publishing deadline and from there it was only up! First of 15 desktop calendars  Why am I asking? A publisher wants to fill the empty niche out there and try to fill it with my work. The 2020 calendar was the last one I did. There were THOUSANDS of blocks designed over those years and hundreds of unique quilt patterns. But - IS THERE INTEREST? If you saw a new desktop quilting calendar for sale, would you want it? Would you buy it? I know my generation (those o

3 Quilts in New Homes

My closets are full and the quilts are threatening to mutiny. I hear them up there plotting and scheming to somehow get out and into new, loving homes. My home is loving, but they want to be the stars! I have a new, great nephew and I made another Poky Little Puppy quilt using those soft panel books. Cut up and added sashing. This is the 3rd one I made, with another one on the way. Poky Little Puppy panel quilt: 43" x 43" Then one of my favorite people at the local library told me about her parents who live with her and that they aren't mobile. I felt that I could cheer them up with some lap quilts. I pulled two from those closets and here they are. I gave them to her yesterday. I think I blew her mind! This is an orphan block that I set on point and added strips to take it up to about 44" x 44". Sure to brighten her mom's day, right? Fantasy Flower Quilt I'm always challenged to find a quilt for a man. So much of our quilter's fabrics are so "g

Lotsa Dancing Squares!

Well, why not another  FREE pattern ? You need inspiration to sew from your huge stash and many of you have the time. Even making one block will give you an idea if you want to make more. Like I always say:           "If you don't like one block, do you really think you'll like making 16 or 20 or more?" This is from an older Windham Fabrics collection called Bright Basics. Happy Squares : 46" x 52"  6" squares This is a redo of another quilt I owned. And you know the story: it was one of the 30 quilts stolen in 2005. Not to worry! It's hanging on the Giant Quilt Rack in the sky. Here's the original which appeared in my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful. 98 Dancing Squares. Smaller blocks (5") Let me show you a few others made with the very same pattern. Dancing Squares using  Uncorked Collection  by Windham Fabrics And one more. This one is so sweet and one of the sweetest juvenile collections I've ever seen. The  Forest Parade Coll