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More Dresdens

This little quilt went to live in a new home. Was a silent auction item last weekend. Husband was horrified that I would give up such a lovely quilt. I'm sure hoping the new owner loves all the KF/Brandon/Philip fabrics. Made with charm squares and a simple dresden ruler.   Charming Dresdens  (with ruler) Most dresden rulers are multi-sized. Here's mine with an 8" height. My dresden ruler (comes with Vortex pattern also) I chose to work with charm squares and got two wedges from each 5" square. Here are 80 dresden blades. (I used the 5" horizontal line on my acrylic ruler). Charming Dresdens PDF pattern (no ruler; paper template included) Then, I pieced them together in groups of 5 and added the triangle to the bottom (well: a 3" square with a diagonal sewing line). Finishing the base with a triangle I made 16 blocks with a variety of solid shot cottons for those triangles. 16 Mini Dresden "fans" ready for the background I placed them on white Fai

Dresdens and Border Prints

I taught my Modern Vortex class last Saturday and really wowed my students when I showed them how they can use their dresden wedge ruler with border prints to create some fabulous blocks. Here is a quilt I made a few years ago and since have given it away to some little girl. The border print fabric has to be at least 20 years old! Dresden wedges and border print Because you have to flip-flop the ruler, you are cutting for two blocks to get one. What did I do with the remaining four units (four quarter units = a full circle)? Another fun quilt, that's what! Five units for a swirly quilt center Wait a minute! Where did that extra 5-wedge quarter block come from? I honestly can't remember, but it sure makes for a fun quilt! Here's my Modern Vortex quilt. We strip piece the 18 degree wedges. Modern Vortex quilt One more quilt using my dresden ruler and some border prints.  20 wedge block using a border print I had made these blocks over 10 years ago and then finally put the

Dear John and My Calendar Blocks

This is a repost from 2016. Worth seeing again, especially since I'm currently working on another Block a Day Calendar. Maybe I can get John to do this again . . . I received an email last week from John of Maryland. He wanted my permission to display his quilt in a county fair this summer. That was super courteous of him and not necessary. Of course, I said YES! He used 99 of my 366 quilt blocks from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar for the quilt center. He resized them all to a uniform 6". Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar (out of print) His inspiration was the Dear Jane Quilt (patterned from an historic quilt made in 1863: The Jane Stickle Quilt). He created some of his own outside triangle patterns and used some from the book by Brenda Papadakis. His sizing is unique (the Dear Jane blocks finish to 4-1/2" square). Let's see the Dear Jane quilt ( made by Jane Stickle in 1863 with 169 five inch squares, 52 border triangles, and 4 corner triangles) : Original D

Fruit Basket

Looking through my Block a Day Calendar with Martingale (desktop perpetual version) I see the Fruit Basket block for today. As you know, Patricia Bryant sewed every single one and staged a lovely shot of them several years ago. 10" Fruit Basket block by Patricia Bryant I eat some fruit every morning. I put it on my yogurt/cottage cheese/cereal. Usually there are blueberries underneath and some other yummy fruit on top (ie, apple, orange, pear or sometimes leftover pineapple from making a pineapple upside down cake!) Here are photos of before and after for the cake my granddaughter and I made for Easter. Yummy fruit waiting for the GF cake batter Baked and ready to be devoured You can have the Fruit Basket block by clicking on the link. Make one and put it near the fruit in your kitchen. I swear it will make them happy!

A Block for April's Fool Day

 My Block a Day Calendar with Martingale has the Fool's Puzzle Block for today. It's a Drunkard's Path design. Take a look: Fool's Puzzle sewn by Patricia Bryant of Australia It is 12" in the calendar. I simplified the piecing by appliquéing the quarter circle to a background square cut to 3-1/2". Then the excess is trimmed away from under the curved patch. VERY easy!! I have made several Drunkard's Path quilts using this technique that I simplified over 30 years ago! Here is a basket block I made by machine about 25 years ago. She still waits to be made into something. Here's another from 25 years ago. I still own it. Authentic feed sacks in some blocks and the outer border. Feed Sack Love Ring Here's another one that I call Hawaiian Love Ring: So, no fooling! You can conquer these traditional curved blocks with simple raw edge appliqué. One more made with feed sacks. One of my absolute favorites and lives comfortably up in my closet. This is a Tr