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Holiday Love and Dove Ornaments (and free patterns)

Quick sewing 8 dove ornaments with Audrey "Hi, mom. Can you help me? I need 8 dove ornaments for a Christmas exchange next week." Oh, sure. I'll put my magician hat on and wave my magic wand and voila! - 8 quick ornaments. Lucky for me I had a Santa sack of various crafts sitting in my hall closet (honest) that I had pulled out last week looking for something. In there is my trusty Dove Ornament pattern. And I even had a sample ornament to remind me of what they look like. I did the fusing. Audrey did the cutting out. I quick stitched the gold thread on the outside. I was shocked to see I still had some gold cording. We found that 10" lengths worked best. Here is a single ornament front and back: Holiday Dove: 4" x 5"  Use pretty fabric on the back, too. Holiday Dove, reverse You can get the FREE PATTERN at my Craftsy store . It's a one page pdf that also includes a simple heart shape. All you need are scraps of pretty fabric,

Supersize Quilt Blocks

Diadem Quilt from Supersize 'Em Quilts My second book is out of print for the hard copy version, but my publisher ( Martingale ) now has it available as an eBook and it's got a special price through November 23. You don't have to go out of the house, get dressed or get in the car to buy it. The beauty of digital! Go see the blog post and see the various ways you can use these supersized blocks. The Diadem Quilt uses a 14" block (see first picture). Rotary cut Lone Star blocks - 19" x 19" EACH! Now, those are really supersized blocks! I love teaching classes on this Lone Star, too. No set in seams, by the way. The 16" Album Block by Jean Ann Wright Go take a peek at every single one of the 22 projects in the book. And check out the fabulous price.

Technique Tuesday with Knitty Sheep

See what those crafty sheep were up to! Take a visit to the Benartex Fabrics blog - Sew in Love with Fabric - to see how to make these blocks very quick and very easy. And see what those clever Knitty Sheep were up to besides knitting! Fun fabrics . . .

Baa Baa Sheep Tutorial Tomorrow

  Tomorrow is Technique Tuesday over at the Sew in Love with Fabric blog by Benartex. Just thought I'd give you a teaser picture. These two sheep have been up to some mischief with my yarn and crochet hooks, so come on by tomorrow, Tuesday November 11 for a peek at some new fabric and a tutorial on how to make this easy quilt. Goes live at 9:30 am Eastern (USA).

Fabric Postcards

I mailed this to my husband several years ago; still sits in his office My favorite quilt shop in Atlanta ( Intown Quilters ) sent their newsletter announcing upcoming classes and one of them is a fabric postcard swap. How fun! I taught a workshop several years ago on making these little gems and I want to share some of my creations here. I used a tiny yo-yo in the postcard at the top of the page. Bits and pieces of trim and rick rack add some pizzazz to a card. Notice that I use a decorative/blanket stitch along the edges. That's how I join it to a cardstock backing. Don't you just love this dancing groundhog? Tiny bits of trim and fuzzy yarn; wool felt packages And a few others . . . My daughter bought me a pair of green sneakers and I sent this to thank her!  I wore those Saucony Jazz Edge sneakers every day for years. Still have them and love putting them on with some jeans. Very fun. Then how about using a specialty edge rotary blade to tr