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July Calendar Blocks

Here are another 31 blocks - in two sizes - from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar published by Martingale for 10 years (2007 to 2017). This 41 page pdf is packed with all sorts of blocks in a variety of sizes and techniques. I've included patterns for two quilts and a lesson on making a Yellow Ribbon block. Here are the quilt patterns included: Old Glory Star is a 12" block with the added 3" Yellow Ribbon blocks for an 18" x 18" wall quilt. Old Glory Star And Chain of Squares is a 12" block for a 65" x 77" quilt. Chain of Squares: 65" x 77" Here is the block that Patricia Bryant made and I shared here last year: Chain of Squares block I actually made a Chain of Squares many years ago. Here is the pic: Chain of Squares quilt published in Quilt Magazine Now let's see some of the other blocks that appeared in the calendar for the month of July . Remember that Patricia Bryant made all 31 of them in 20

Scraps and Blocks and Making Do

The Bella Collection by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics is a favorite of mine. I designed a few things with these modern prints over the years. Let's see the stack of fabrics: Stack of Bella Fabrics from 2013  And to see some of the prints even better: Trees and little birdies - my favorites! I first designed what I call Bella's House. I had it longarm quilted by Kathy Gray of Manassas. She did a lovely job and I really thought a magazine would pick it up. Nope! Not a one. This hangs in my foyer for all to see. Bella's House, 2013 Then I put a LOT of EPP hexagons together Dozens of 2" Hexagons . . . and made this. I call it my Zig and Zag of Hexies: The Zig and Zag of Hexies How did I do that? Stitched together in long string What does it look like from the back? Hexies trimmed and ready to stitch to background fabric This pattern is available in my Craftsy store. And something else? Of course! This appeared in Modern Q

Windham Wednesdays, Summer Solstice and Shoreline

It's here, it's here; the middle of the year. That means the Summer Solstice and (sigh) the days start getting shorter. But, we have 3 months of Summer and that means for many folks a visit to the shore/beach or whatever you call it. Shoreline  by Windham Fabrics is perfect for things "beachy." I decided to bring out my crab appliqué and see how he looked in that solid red fabric (hard to see in this pic, I know). Shoreline Collection by Windham Fabrics I transferred my half-pattern (because it's so big) to folded freezer paper and carefully cut him out. (OK; I don't know if it's a "he" or a "she."). I transferred fusible webbing to the wrong side of the red fabric, ironed my crab template to the RIGHT side of the fabric. Then I cut it out. Crab appliqué template of freezer paper  Doesn't he look awesome (and a bit scary with those claws!) on that khaki colored print?!! Red Crab (9" x 11-1/2") He'

Windham Wednesdays with More Diamonds, Jewels and Hearts

Last week I shared about some mini hearts made using Jewel papers and English Paper Piecing (EPP). These are some samples for my upcoming EPP class in July. I'm going to stack the hearts and they will nestle into one another. Stacked Hearts made using jewel papers and a variety of Windham Fabrics I received a card in the mail the other day with Stacked Hearts. Cute, huh? And then I got to thinking: Hmmm. Stacked Hearts. Stacked Hearts. I think I have a quilt by that name! This is one of my appliqué patterns that I shared a few months ago as a Valentine's Day blog post. I used the Uncorked Collection by Windham Fabrics. Stacked Hearts using the Uncorked Collection by Windham Here's the range of fabrics in a set of fat quarters. Quite luscious, don't you think? I've already pulled the pinks for some EPP hearts. Fat quarters of Uncorked by Windham And, yes, for some reason I cut a square from each of those fat quarters. I think t

Calling All Paper Piecers!

My best selling CD, Building Blocks and Borders, was first published in 2003. I created 40 different blocks for foundation paper piecing and then I made them in 4 sizes each: 3", 4", 5" and 6". That means you can mix and match over 240 blocks to your heart's content! Now I offer this as a pdf pattern on Craftsy: Building Blocks and Borders . And I haven't changed the price in 15 years - it still is only $13.00! Building Blocks and Borders These blocks have been used in my own quilts. Here is Slashed Hearts from 2007, which was published in Quilt Magazine so many years ago! This is one of several patterns on the CD which includes the reverse (mirror image) of the pattern. Don't you just love that rick rack? Slashed Hearts using the 6" paper pieced heart Can we see some of the other blocks? 20 of the 40 blocks in my Craftsy pattern: Building Blocks and Borders  And here are the second set of 20 blocks: I have a Shark's Teeth