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This may be a very busy week here in Blogville. These are my plans: Tuesday: December 1rst reveals the last block in my Galaxy of Stars BOM . Can you guess which one that will be? And more details on the TWO BOMs for 2016. Remember, one of those is my African Adinkra Quilt: African Adinkra Quilt The other is based on my Block a Day calendar: Wednesday: Windham Wednesdays with some sort of tutorial using a new collection. Don't forget the one I shared last week for the large Lone Star blocks all rotary cut, using the Carmen Collection : The Carmen Collection by Windham Fabrics Thursday or Friday: Blog Hop with Benartex Fabrics . You're going to love my little projects! And, if I haven't worn you out, I'll share the String Pieced Stars Scrap Buster quilt I referenced last week. I hope to include some pictures of string piecing on paper. It is NOT like foundation paper piecing with writing on the paper. This is so easy and I know you'

Thread and Patterns are Key to Sewing

I have a few dozen spools of rayon and polyester thread in various colors. Most of these date back to when I was a quilt magazine editor. I have separated them by color and placed them in zip lock bags. But they are still MESSY! I found an easy way to keep those threads under control. I had some Glad Press 'n Seal and cut in into 1" x 6" strips and wrapped the spools. I say that they had a bad hair day and I gave them a hairnet! Sticky plastic wrap which NEVER has been in my kitchen  Some of my blue threads, which were having a bad hair day! Blue threads wrapped with self-sticking Press 'n Seal I'm almost done with the other colors; just have the purples to do. And patterns? Well, I get paid to write patterns for quilts so I never use other people's patterns. But when it comes to jammies for my grandsons, I have to use those tissue patterns, don't you? But what's happened to the price of patterns over the years? I have sewn for almost