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This may be a very busy week here in Blogville. These are my plans: Tuesday: December 1rst reveals the last block in my Galaxy of Stars BOM . Can you guess which one that will be? And more details on the TWO BOMs for 2016. Remember, one of those is my African Adinkra Quilt: African Adinkra Quilt The other is based on my Block a Day calendar: Wednesday: Windham Wednesdays with some sort of tutorial using a new collection. Don't forget the one I shared last week for the large Lone Star blocks all rotary cut, using the Carmen Collection : The Carmen Collection by Windham Fabrics Thursday or Friday: Blog Hop with Benartex Fabrics . You're going to love my little projects! And, if I haven't worn you out, I'll share the String Pieced Stars Scrap Buster quilt I referenced last week. I hope to include some pictures of string piecing on paper. It is NOT like foundation paper piecing with writing on the paper. This is so easy and I know you'

Galaxy of Stars - Housekeeping and Updates

I want to catch you all up on what we have so far. Also, I've received requests and questions from several bloggers and I have NO WAY to answer you because your email comes in as a "no-reply" comment. For example: Pamela had a wonderful comment about how she has all of her fabrics and plans on finishing the quilt in 2016. She's made several blocks already. But I had no way to get in touch with her and tell her "Kudos, Pamela!" Then there's Sandy: Do you see what I mean? If you don't get a question answered from me within a day or two, it's probably due to the fact that I can't get in touch with you. Remember my email: Yes, I made that public! You can always write to me there with Galaxy of Stars (or whatever blog topic) in the subject line. Now for the blocks so far: I've given patterns for eleven 12" blocks (one more coming in December),  one 24" block,  the pattern for the 6" blocks, and

Galaxy of Stars - Block #11

Yes, it's true. Block #11 of the 12" size has yet to be revealed. Thanks to the eagle eyes of both Amy O. and Suzanne J., they were worried they had somehow missed a block. This is because they are actually keeping up with the blocks, sewing them each month and Suzanne is actually going to finish the quilt top and give it to her brother and sister in law for Christmas! (She did assure me she will take it back and then quilt it as she has time. I thought she was also going to quilt it!) So, here is the 11th of the 12 blocks that finish to 12". I gave you the center block (24") and the pattern for the small 6" star blocks that are fillers. I lost track. Even though I used to be a high school math teacher, I guess I am getting rusty when it comes to counting! This is called Sawtooth Star Variation , all rotary cut and stitched (whew!) The last block will be paper pieced, so I had to give you an easy time of it on this block. 12"  Sawtooth Star Variatio

Thread and Patterns are Key to Sewing

I have a few dozen spools of rayon and polyester thread in various colors. Most of these date back to when I was a quilt magazine editor. I have separated them by color and placed them in zip lock bags. But they are still MESSY! I found an easy way to keep those threads under control. I had some Glad Press 'n Seal and cut in into 1" x 6" strips and wrapped the spools. I say that they had a bad hair day and I gave them a hairnet! Sticky plastic wrap which NEVER has been in my kitchen  Some of my blue threads, which were having a bad hair day! Blue threads wrapped with self-sticking Press 'n Seal I'm almost done with the other colors; just have the purples to do. And patterns? Well, I get paid to write patterns for quilts so I never use other people's patterns. But when it comes to jammies for my grandsons, I have to use those tissue patterns, don't you? But what's happened to the price of patterns over the years? I have sewn for almost

November Block for Galaxy of Stars

Yes, it's November 1 and I reveal the 11th block in our Block of the Month project. Actually, I've shared more than 11 (the center 24" block, plus the 6" blocks). Today I reveal the  Woven Star  which is at the bottom righthand corner of my quilt: 12" Woven Star I converted it from paper piecing to standard rotary cutting and stitching. It's not a difficult block to sew. Don't you love the "woven" effect of those bold colors? In October I shared the  Stars Assembly  page to help you plan all the sashing, corner stones, etc. It's still up for those who may have missed it. I promised I would give the pattern for the 6" Square in a Square cornerstone blocks for the four outside corners of the border. I have both the paper piecing version and the rotary cutting version . Your pick! Here is another rotary cut block that you can use to substitute for any paper pieced blocks you don't want to make. It is a Sawtooth Star Variat