Monday, May 26, 2014

Long Ago and Far, Far Away . . .

Far, Far Away Collection by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics
Yes, this is a story about the Princess and the Pea with a few unicorns thrown in for fun. Heather Ross is a young, modern designer with fresh, appealing designs. She has licensed a few of her designs to Windham Fabrics. (Make sure you read the whole post to see an AWESOME quilt made using this collection that will soon be a pattern.)

My daughter Audrey went ga-ga over Heather's Briar Rose collection and made me get some of the jersey knits from my contact at Windham Fabrics. Her little baby girl wears leggings and Audrey likes to have all sorts of prints. Here is one from the Briar Rose collection:

Little leggings for a 4 month old girl (and a matching headband)
Well, can we see what you did with your Briar Rose Collection? Of course; remember, I was only given a charm pack (that means: 5" squares). Are you ready?

Briar Rose charm pack (see, I told you!)
 And what can you make with 5" squares?
2" English Paper Pieced Hexies!
Not sure what I'm going to do with these, but I left myself enough patches to cut out some small Dresden Plates for a table runner:

Little table runner using Briar Rose, Collage and Downtown Collections

Now, where's that AWESOME quilt, you ask? I'm glad you asked!
Princess & the Pea quilt displayed at Spring Quilt Market
Thanks for letting me show you this fabulous new collection. Check with your local quilt shop to see if they carry this new line. I think it's fun and whimsical and certainly appeals to the younger crowd (well, my daughter is in her 30s and that's young to me!)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Blue and Yellow Fabrics

Ambrosia Collection, blue colorway, by Blank Quilting
A few days ago I blogged about this collection and showed it in the Happy Hexie Table Runner. Do you remember it?
Happy Hexie Table Runner, quilt shop exclusive pattern by Cut Loose Press
I found an Etsy store that sells the pattern; you can see it in a different colorway. And it's only $4.00!

I cut several patches to make some other hexies, this time using English Paper Piecing. What do you think?

1" hexagon papers make a great size for these Grandmother Flower Garden blocks
Well, can we see each one please?

Blue Grandmother's Flower Garden block in the Ambrosia Collection, blue colorway
What if I reversed the color placement?

Here it is with a green center
I have absolutely no fabrics left. I squeezed the life out of the fat quarters I received for these little samples. I love being able to take this hand work with me when I travel. Stay tuned for some other Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks done in a larger size and in a different set of fabrics!

Friday, May 16, 2014

More Quilts for Market

Happy Hexie Table Runner
Remember yesterday's Casablanca Sunrise quilt (red)? This is the same collection using the blues and my popular pattern by Cut Loose Press: Happy Hexie Table Runner. I love this quick and fun project. And you can cut those hexagons from a regular 60 degree ruler!

Cupid's Arrows - have made this pattern many times
This collection is bright and bold. I used my 7" Palm/Hossanah foundation pieced block to make a wall banner (or even a table runner). I quilted it in straight lines in the borders. This collection is called Angelica.

Petal Power using the Mosaic Garden fabrics
I have made this pattern several times using my teardrop template from my EZ Double Wedding Ring templates. Makes a bold statement with such fabulous stained glass printed fabric.

Small projects are quick and easy and great teaching samples. Tomorrow (Saturday May 17) I will have a book signing in the Blank Fabrics booth. My publisher, Martingale, is supplying the books and all I have to do is smile and sign! And I will have quite a few blocks and other samples sewn from the book for the conferees to see up close.

Thanks for letting me share my quilts. They like the publicity and are so happy to spend a few days OUT of the closets. I have been happy to just sew!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Market, To Market - Pittsburgh Quilt Market

Casablanca Sunrise using the Ambrosia Collection by Blank Quilting
Off to Spring Quilt Market for a few days. Showcasing new fabrics using my own patterns. The Casablanca Sunrise is from my book (Paper Piecing Perfect Points). See how it looks in other fabrics!

Casablanca Sunrise in blues
Four blocks give the illusion of five. I sewed until I ran out of fabric!
This basic pattern is the traditional Rising Sun block from the early 1900s. Takes on today's feel with today's fabrics. And so much easier using paper piecing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

18 Free Quilt Patterns from Martingale/That Patchwork Place

Hexagon Pinwheels - one of 18 FREE patterns

How about some free quilt patterns to go with your ever increasing stash of fabric? My Hexagon Pinwheels pattern, made with Windham Fabrics "Fat Rolls" (isn't that something happening around my midriff these days?!!), is a very fun scrap quilt. Martingale (my publisher for books and the perpetual Quilter's Block a Day Calendar) is featuring 18 of their authors today and every one of us is offering a FREE pattern. Wow - is it Christmas again so soon?

The Fat Rolls are a bundle of 5" strips that Windham created a few years ago and they asked me to make something using their Basics Collection. Don't you just love those plaids? The templates are included in the project sheet, but if you have a 60 degree ruler, you can quick-cut these. And I include an easy way to sew two strips together along BOTH long sides (into a tube) and then using a 60 degree ruler, you cut out triangles two by two.

So, go on over to the Martingale site and see what the other 17 authors are giving away. I'm sure there is so much inspiration that you may actually make a sizable dent in your stash!

Here are two other Hexagon Pinwheels quilts I've made since making the plaid one:

Hexagon Spiderweb using 2-1/2" strips
More Hexagons!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back on the Road

One Day Lone Star - Oh, Yes it Is!!!
The red suitcase is back out, the dog is nervous, and I leave tomorrow for a guild in Tennessee. Teaching two workshops (and present a trunk show). One of them is the One Day Lone Star. Yes, I said that correct: One Day Lone Star! That is my workhop for Saturday.

Well, what's happening on Friday (besides the trunk show)?

The Good Luck Quilt
Yes, that's the name of the block in this quilt. Easy to name the quilt if you know the name of the block, huh? Cut two strips; sew together; recut and make the four units of the block. No templates; no lopped off points; easy and FUN! I teach this on Friday afternoon.

Leave tomorrow. The dog is edgy. Husband is on his own. Looking forward to June when my schedule slows down and I feel a bit more human! But my quilts are OH, SO HAPPY to get out of the closets and some attention!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

March to Spring with Aby Dolinger

March to Spring by Aby Dolinger
The Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour is over, but I wanted to share with you a very fresh looking block made by a quilting friend of mine, Aby Dolinger. She is a very creative person who also has a longarm business. She shared my block the other day on her blog and I had plans to remake her block to share here, but being sick all week has slowed me down (I'm on the mend).

I love that she kept her palette simple, though there is a variety of prints involved. The large white patches serve as a frame around that green cross. That green is my very favorite color because it yells "SPRING IS HERE!"

She has a quilt called "Charmville - the Second Wave" that was published in the February/March issue of McCall's magazine. I love it, don't you?!!

Charmville - the Second Wave by Aby Dolinger for McCall's magazine
Aby has some very clever tutorials on her blog, as well as a LOT of quilts. She is a prolific quilter like me; maybe that's why we hit it off so well when we first met.

Take a visit to her blog and have a leisurely look around.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day! May Day!

Dogwood Blossoms Mini Quilt
One of my all-time, favorite quilts. Today is May Day (May 1) and I saw on my 2014 Block a Day Calendar that I had used this applique block for a banner.

I was actually recalling when I was in elementary school (in the 1950s - yikes!), we had May Day celebrations. We had banners around the May pole, wore little costumes and hats. Wow - a trip down memory lane!

I was inspired to make this quilt many years ago because I had first made this large bed sized quilt for Quilter's World Magazine:

Dogwood Blossoms bed quilt
The dogwoods are about to bloom where I live and they are going to be gorgeous! I love Spring and all the bright greens and new blooms. Sat on my deck this afternoon listening to the birds. Such a luxury for me and I'm going to do it again tomorrow!

 The bed quilt above is beautiful BUT because it was custom quilted on just about every square inch, it is STIFF AS A BOARD! Beautiful to look at but, I would never give it away - certainly not soft and cuddly. Just a warning - just because a quilt LOOKS beautiful, doesn't mean it FEELS beautiful.

Have a great May Day.