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I love teaching about quilts. As a former high school math and English teacher I have created hundreds of instructional articles about quilts with my one simple rule: make it easy to understand and help every quilter be confident that he/she can make that same project, too! Math is not a dirty word, because I do a lot of it for you. All workshops are based on projects, but I cover a LOT of tips, tricks and sewing techniques during the workshop time. NOTE: I no longer fly to guilds. After 15 years on the road, dragging two 50 pound suitcases through airports, I am selective in how much I travel. 

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I create new workshops ALL THE TIME. I sew for the camera (ie, magazines and books) and for my travels to teach at large quilt venues. And I sew for fabric companies. This is only a small bit of what I can teach! I'm always open to discuss what might work for your guild.

Visit my Pinterest page to see over 1,000 photos of my quilts (for which I have written patterns). I am happy to teach just about any of those if you want more inspiration.
  • The Modern Vortex Quilt - Using strips in two colors and a common Dresden Plate template, you can make your version of this historic quilt (see the Vortex Quilt from 1920 here). There's a lot of "ooh" and "aah" in this class with great techniques. Contact me for supply list.
  • Big Block Hexagons - A new workshop that is a great way to stitch through those stacks of 10" squares (Layer Cakes). We quick cut our hexagons and triangles using a multi-sized 60 degree ruler (most quilters have those; I have my own, affordable rulers for those needing them). We sew our horizontal rows together without y-seams! Select a color palette and a neutral background fabric and you can make this as large as you wish. Here's my novelty print quilt.
  • One Day Lone Star - Still going strong! Yes, you can stitch a large 35" Lone Star block in a day without fussy y-seams. All rotary cut using the 45 degree line on your acrylic ruler. Small and large triangles square up the diamonds and it all goes together quickly. Lone Star #1. Lone Star #2. Lone Star #3 (with bias). And 1/2 of my Modern Lone Star with solids (my class sample).
  • Double Hexie Star - Hexagons branch out into double stars with this easy to piece block with NO y-seams! No kidding. All patches are cut with a 60 degree ruler . Create a BLOCK with the illusion of intricate piecing, with the bonus of having a large space in the center that can showcase an awesome motif. We will also explore variations on this block to show more creative ways with hexagons, diamonds and 60 degree patches. Some more examples: Double Hexie Star #3 and Quilt #4.
  • New York Beauty - Not for the timid, but certainly doable for the motivated. Composed of 3 different blocks, the traditional New York Beauty's sharp points are possible with paper piecing. Students may not want to just stay with the Dogwood Blossom units only (one of 3 blocks). That's ok. Here is my Dogwood Blossom #1, Dogwood Blossom #2 and Dogwood Blossom #3. Both options can be taught in one class.
  • Buzz Saw - A Dresden Plate variation using my own custom designed super-sized, multi-sized ruler. Easy to cut and stitch and then appliquéd to the background for a very modern looking quilt. See my Orange Crush and Black Licorice quilt that uses the same ruler.
  • Seven Sisters without y-seams! Go traditional or modern, this pattern has been updated by eliminating those pesky y-seams. All patches are cut using a multi-sized 60 degree ruler. Make a 37" x 42" table topper using only 3-1/2" and 6-1/2" strips. Make it scrappy or have a controlled palette.
  • Patty's Summer Parasol: This vintage pattern from the 1930s is really a double wedding ring variation. We paper piece the arcs, add the melon umbrella top and then interface this unit for easy appliqué. We tuck in a prairie point and add the handle for an easier-than-it-looks block updated with today's fabrics.
  • Ezekiel's Crown: Satisfy your desire to learn both paper piecing and working with curved units to create this dynamic Ezekiel’s Crown quilt. It is composed of 16 blocks that are arranged in my “When 4 Makes 5” assembly. It’s all in the way four of the units are turned. While this is not for beginners, it is certainly enjoyable - and doable - for those who are confident with their piecing skills. Here's a One Block Ezekiel's Crown mini.
  • Baby Blocks: The traditional Baby Blocks pattern uses 60 degree diamonds and is stitched using a y-seam. My Baby Blocks technique takes out that y-seam altogether. All straight seam sewing. Here is the same technique worked into a table runner: Connie's Vintage Runner. We work some magic with those light background pieces and you will be delightfully surprised at how easy and quick this quilt goes together.  Go bigger with My Diamonds Have the Blues (60" x 60")
  • Pickle Dish - Well, it's really a FAT Double Wedding Ring and the curved unit is paper pieced. You will learn how to sew the two curved units together and actually how to add that tear drop center perfectly! Make 4 blocks or even a larger 16 block version!
  • Cloissoné Diamonds (Diamonds and 4-Patch) - Students get the choice of a variety of sizes. The supply list gives details on yardages and a planning sheet. Small Christmas wall quilt, Medium lap quilt, or large bed quilt. Rotary cut 60 degree diamonds and triangles and NO y-seams make this doable for all skill levels.
  • Circle of Geese - Wow!! Such a big block and so easy to piece. The circle of geese is foundation pieced. One full circle (Quilt #1Quilt #2) comprises of 8 separate units of 3 geese each. These quilts (Quilt #3Quilt #4) split the circle for more manageable sections. The quarter circles and the outer background pieces are sewn with the geese rings - gentle and easy curves (because they are so big.) And my latest Circle of Geese with Geese Borders!
  • Sassy Mariner's Compass - Forget traditional colors and fabrics! Pull out your stash of wild and crazy prints and take a dive into the world of paper piecing a LARGE block. Sharp points, gentle curves, even a halo of little triangles make this a block with a lot of punch! If you can sew a straight line and a true 1/4" seam, you can make this. Nothing to fear, everything to learn for a 22" block and a 38" quilt! Supply List here
  • Pyramids and Jewels - Two quilts for the price of one. We make Thousand Pyramids in the morning session using a Charm Pack (5" squares) and a background fabric. The afternoon class is the Fractured Jewels quilt using the LEFTOVERS from cutting the Thousand Pyramids. Quick cutting and piecing techniques are taught using a 60 degree ruler. Innovative designing and the bonus of learning what else your 60 degree ruler can do.


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