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I love teaching about quilts. All workshops are based on projects, but I cover a LOT of tips, tricks and sewing techniques during the workshop time. Both 3 hour and 6 hour classes are available. Some are best in person; only a few will work via Zoom as indicated next to each description.
            I no longer schedule workshops which are further than an hour drive from my home. 

1. English Paper Piecing (EPP) - Available in person only. (3-4 hour class)
This is a fabulous class for those who enjoy (or just want to learn how to) hand piece. I PROVIDE pre-cut kits of fabric and papers. No machines - just your needle and thread, scissors, fabric and pre-cut hexagons, diamonds and other simple shapes. Do a search on my blog for lots of inspiration. If you and your guild are interested, I will send you details about what this workshop will cover. This can be both for beginners and intermediate stitchers.
2. Tight Knit Circles - Available in person and on Zoom (3 - 4 hour class)
Learn two methods of machine appliqué in this small and colorful quilt with a modern appeal. It is based on the vintage "Roses of Picardy" pattern. The interlocking circles are interfaced and turned for a smooth curved edge. The free-form cut wavy borders utilize fusible interfacing to stabilize their raw edges. All stitching is by machine ONLY and you will be delighted to see how fast, fun and easy these two techniques are.


Tight Knit Circles: 17" x 17"

3. Baby Blocks - Available in person and on Zoom (3-4 hour class)

The traditional Baby Blocks pattern uses 60 degree diamonds and is stitched using a y-seam. My Baby Blocks technique takes out that y-seam altogether. Click the link and see other samples in two different sizes!

Baby Blocks small

Baby Blocks with larger diamonds

4. The Modern Vortex Quilt - In person only.

Using strips in two colors and a common Dresden Plate template, you can make your version of this historic quilt. The option of making a multi-color quilt is part of the pattern.  Click link for details. (Either 3 or 6 hour class)


5. Patty's Summer Parasol: In person only.

This vintage pattern from the 1930s is really a double wedding ring variation. Click the link and see the various parts. (Either 3 or 6 hour class)

Patty's Summer Parasol

6. Not Your Grandmother's Double Wedding Ring: In person class only

This is similar to Patty's Summer Parasol above. 
    Vintage block
But we are NOT piecing the center like that! The arcs are NOT pieced with templates. I have stream lined everything. Here's my own larger quilt made with my simple techniques (all stepped out in the link above)

Simplified DWR

7. Big Block Palm Quilt - in person only

Work with either 7" or 10" foundation piecing blocks to recreate this vintage pattern. NO templates as were used with the originals. Click that link to see several versions. You can go scrappy as I did with these shot cottons and Kaffe Fassett prints.

7" or 10" blocks set on point

Make just one or more blocks into a beautiful pillow:

Or go really wild and make 16 blocks for a beautiful bed quilt! Check out the workshop page for more info.
16 Palm Blocks, 10" x 10"

  • 8. Gretchen - Available both in person and on Zoom. 
No templates. Just two sizes of triangles. Click the link to read more about this EASY quilt with so many color possibilities. Works very well for a 3 hour class.

Gretchen: 58" x 58". 9" blocks

9. Bubbles and Hexagons - Only available in person. 3 hour class.

This is a great scrap buster. You can use Jelly Roll strips (2-1/2") or even Layer Cakes (10" squares). Click the link to see several samples. NO y-seams! Works well for a 3 hour class.

Bubbles and Hexagons

10. Half Hexagon Braid - In person only 

I first created this quilt in 1998. I decided to bring it back as a workshop in 2011 and have taught it dozens of time. Check out the other samples by clicking that link. This works well in a 3 hour time frame.

Half Hexagon Braid
11. Double Hexie StarAvailable in person

Big blocks with large hexagon centers that are perfect for special motifs! One is a table topper. More become quilts. Check out the other samples! (Either 3 or 6 hour class)
Not for the timid, but certainly doable for the motivated. Composed of 3 different blocks, the traditional New York Beauty's sharp points are possible with paper piecing. Beautiful quilting by Jane Hauprich! All day class.
New York Beauty (pieced by me)

13. Pyramids and Jewels - In person and on Zoom. Each of the 2 classes can be a single booking

Two quilts for the price of one. We make Thousand Pyramids in the morning session using a Charm Pack (5" squares) and a background fabric. The afternoon class is the Fractured Jewels quilt using the LEFTOVERS from cutting the Thousand Pyramids. Click the link to see samples. All day class (can be split over 2 days)
    Thousand Pyramids

Fractured Jewels

14. Seven Sisters without y-seams! - Available in person only

Click the link to see several more samples. Works best in 4 or 6 hour class.

Seven Sisters - make in a multitude of fabric colors

15. Pickle Dish - Available in person and on Zoom.

Well, it's really a FAT Double Wedding Ring and the curved unit is paper pieced. Click the link to see a few more samples.
Four Block Pickle Dish quilt

The following workshops are also available. Just click on the links to see the various quilts. Send any questions or ask for a Supply List by sending me an email:

Twisted Hexagons - In person and on Zoom

Did you know that your common, 60 degree ruler can cut both whole and half hexagons, besides the 30 and 60 degree triangles? Well, yes it can and everything in this quick and easy block is cut from one ruler. A variety of sizes: table runnertable topper or even a child's size quilt or a lap quilt!
Twisted Hexagon workshop information


  1. I would like to get your lecture and class fees for quilt guilds. We are working on our 2021 program schedules and are interested in your programs. Thank you.

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  2. Debby, Our guild (Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild in Clarkesville, GA) has moved online via Zoom for the foreseeable future so we are reaching out to see if we can schedule you for 2021 via Zoom. We have most of the year free except for January at this point so we are open to what fits your schedule best. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 1 pm. I am the program chair and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. I hope this finds you and your family well. You can contact me at at your convenience.

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