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Starfish Pattern Sale (hard copy)

I created a pattern and taught the Starfish workshop several times in 2022. Then I was left with 10 hardcopy patterns languishing in the box. I have retired the class and want to empty that workshop box! Pattern includes FREE postage (in USA). This is my unfinished workshop sample. I only had fat quarters so I had to get creative with my borders! The four 8" units are paper pieced, for a center block of 16". Starfish using Norma Rose fabrics: 44" x 44" These are part of my  Hanukkah Star Fish quilt . First, the Star Fish blocks (which are paper pieced). Paper Pieced  Star Fish  units I wanted to make those blocks again, but this time in Christmas fabrics. I printed and cut out my foundations. I pre-cut my fabrics and labeled them. Ready to go! That little chicken pin cushion is for Quality Control. Star Fish  parts ready to go! And here is where I went with it. Only 4 units this time. I decided to set it on point with those pieced setting triangles. No hocus-poc

Modern Quilt Blocks My Way

It's hard for me to improvise with fabric after decades of creating patterns for publication. I tried my hand at it, but still was able to take something that looks improvisational and "pattern" it. After all, I wanted to appeal to the very timid who are reluctant to cut up their beautiful fabric. This was from a class which I called Modern Quilt Blocks (2013). I used solid reading fabrics with a khaki/gray background. Strip piecing, slicing and trading units with classmates and we got this. (I had made kits for each student with the same fabrics for trading). Modern Quilt Blocks #1 And this . . . A single block using the same pattern as above What would they look like with a dark navy background with different piecing? I didn't like the blocks and must have given them away, because I can't find them! I did find another set made with a dark background (navy with dots) and added side borders to "square" it up. Quilted by a friend and going to the Inova Sc

Christmas in July

I have been designing blocks and quilts for my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar since 2006. I compiled one of my favorite Christmas projects into a pdf and I shared it here in 2016.  This is my  Merry Merry Quilt  from that very first calendar. Piecing, applique and foundation paper piecing. This project assumes you know how to do these techniques, but my own approach to appliqué is raw edge. The quilt is 48" x 48". The blocks in the quilt center are 10" square and the angels finish to 5". Isn't this sweet? The Merry Merry Quilt : 48" x 48"   This is my folk-art tree: Folk Art Tree: 10"   And some holly: Holly Block: 10"   We have to have a reindeer, right? Or Santa won't be able to get around! Reindeer: 10"  And my Winter Stars Block: Winter Star: 10" And we have to have an angel! Paper Pieced Angel: 5" Check out the  Merry Merry Quilt pattern in my Etsy shop.  I do hope you enjoy this. And if you make any or all of the

Chain of Squares

Today is July 9 and in my Quilter's Block a Day calendar from 2007, the Chain of Squares, is our feature today. A full sized quilt appeared in Quilt Magazine #73 (2007). I had three quilts in that issue and here is one of them, Chain of Squares. Page 82: Chain of Squares is based on a vintage block called Asian Mosaic. Chain of Squares: 64" x 64" The quilt as shown was made for a fabric company (Spring Fabrics) in 2006. Here is the digital rendition: Here is the single block as shown in my calendar (and as stitched by Patricia Bryant of Australia): Chain of Squares block: 12" Such a simple block. It's always fun to sew with a pre-selected fabric collection. I don't do any thinking - the fabrics tell me what they want and I try to comply.

Another 7 Sisters Variation Quilt (or two)

 I finally put those four blocks together without y-seams, though it was tempting to arrange them like this: Four 7 Sisters Variation Blocks auditioning with y-seam! But, I came to my senses and put them in a 2 by 2 arrangement using still ANOTHER collection. Four Sisters Variation : 44" x 49" This yellow and blue version is another quilt headed to the cancer unit of a local hospital to keep someone warm while they get their infusion treatment. It certainly will cheer them up, right? Here is what they look like in that red and green set above: 7 Sisters Variaion with even larger blocks! - 54" x 60" I shared some of the steps for this quilt. I easily cut the diamonds using a standard 6" x 12" ruler with those 60 degree diagonal lines. No clumsy template for me. And the bonus here is that two of the 4 sides run along the straight of grain! Then they are joined by simple 60 degree triangles: Then those bottom strips are added and then trimmed using the 60 d

July Calendar Quilt Blocks

My Block a Day Calendar from 2007 (retired in 2017) has some fun quilt blocks. And, the same days align with 2024. Let me share some: Old Glory Star is a 12" block. I added 3" Yellow Ribbon blocks for an 18" x 18" wall quilt. This block is for today, Monday July 1. Old Glory Star And Chain of Squares (July 9) is a 12" block. I made a 65" x 77" quilt about 20 years ago and it was published in Quilt Magazine. Chain of Squares: 65" x 77" Here is the block that Patricia Bryant made several years ago: Chain of Squares block Here is the pic as it appeared in Quilt Magazine: Chain of Squares quilt published in Quilt Magazine Now let's see some of the other blocks that appeared in the calendar for the month of July. Remember that Patricia Bryant made all 31 of them in 2017 and they were featured here. And you can see all of them on a Pinterest Board  - yes, all 366 of them. Get a cup of coffee and sit awhile! Illinois Rose Nosegay Heart Flower