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This and That Recent Quilt Finishes

This was a post from November 2012. I have since put the blocks into a quilt top (with the help of my friend Rhoda) and it is going to my guild friend Jeannie to machine quilt for a charity giveaway. Here's a recap with updates from this week. I must confess: I am not a big fan of the muddy colors of reproduction fabrics. But when I saw this new collection from Windham Fabrics,  New Colonies , I was immediately taken by them. Why? Who asks "why" when you have new fabric? You pull out your rotary cutter and start playing. New Colonies  fabrics by  Windham . A bundle of 1/6 yards (12" x 22") Aren't they beautiful?!! I am in my current streak "Turning 60" and my favorite shape, the HEXAGON, was beckoning. I had a set of 3" English Paper Piecing papers from years ago and started cutting out rectangles. Oh, you don't cut rectangles when you EPP? It sure is easier than skimpy hexagons and a lot quicker to cut. Block #1 (fits on

Free Pattern Friday: Aliens!

Aliens in My House! This pattern was designed the Summer of the solar eclipse in 2017. I was reminded of it because it's the pattern I have in my 2020 calendar for this week! Here is the Windham pattern (free at their site). My Outer Space Buddy pattern This is the collection of fabrics that Windham sent to me. I donated them to my guild for making another charity quilt for a local child. Aliens Fabric Here is a variation made by Quilter's Studio (Fairfax, VA). Very cute! Variation of Aliens pattern Here is the pattern as it appears in my 2020 calendar. Just a little bit different. Outer Space Buddy Quilt: 39" x 39" The center block is a large appliqué, with other appliqué elements surrounding it. I'm sure you can find some young astronaut-hopeful in your life who would love a fun quilt like this!

Happy Hexie Runners

I designed a quilt for Cut Loose Press featuring their Creative Grids 60 degree ruler. It was a REAL success! It sold hundreds of patterns. Was it because there are no y-seams in this? Was it because the fabrics are so happy? Whatever the reason, I finally quilted another of my class samples made with this pattern. This was waiting in the wings for 7 years. Hey - I'm busy, alright?! The hexagons are cut with a standard 60 degree triangle ruler (no funky templates). Happy Hexie Table Runner : 29" x 54" This was the last of some fabrics from 2013. Before I show you the other 3 runners, let me show you the items I made with this same collection. I made 3 Twisted Hexagon blocks and set them with the side triangles. I fussy cut the centers with that awesome motif. 3 Block Twisted Hexagon runner And here is the 4 Block Table Topper I've shared here before. These blocks use the same patches as the Twisted Hexagon, but they are arranged in the vintage Wagon Whe

Windham Wednesday's with Sweet Wish & Giveaway!

Do you love batiks? I do! I love the color drenched fabrics with blendy prints. One of these I recently designed with is called Sweet Wish by Jacqueline de Jonge for Windham Fabrics. Let me show you the collection. I hope you like green and turquoise!  Giveaway is over. Sweet Wish for Windham Fabrics I'm working with one of my "go to" patterns that I've made almost a dozen times in the past 25 years. It's the cheater's method for Winding Ways . First, I cut TWO stacks of 25 squares each. The squares on the left are 8" and the ones on the right (using 2 of the prints) are cut 8-1/2". Two stacks of 25 squares I traced my Winding Ways template onto freezer paper and then used it to cut out 25 patches. Yes, a lot of work! For some of the patches, I used fusible interfacing (NOT Wonder Under) so that the dark background square wouldn't show through on the top appliqué patch. Freezer paper template Here are all 25. 25 Appliqué Win

Lone Star Week, Day Four

Now for just a few more variations. This is from a student of mine last summer. Susan H. decided she wanted to put a mini Lone Star in the corners of her One Day Lone Star quilt (35" block). This little pieced Lone Star measures 11" x 11" finished. How's that for tiny pieces? Mini Lone Star by Susan H. Here is her gorgeous quilt with FOUR of these minis in the corners! These 9-Patch diamonds are stitched using 3-1/2" strips. Lone Star Quilt by Susan H. I found this quilt online years ago. It is from the Lapp Family in Smoketown, PA. Very Amish looking with those solids. Don't you love how those diamonds radiate out from the center. Don't look at it for too long - you can get dizzy! Lapp Family Lone Star I decided to dip into my Kaffe Fassett scrap bin. I cut out 6-1/2" diamonds (NOT tip to tip but from flat side to flat side). Ever wonder about those 45 degree lines on your acrylic rulers? String Pieced Diamonds Then I cut th

Lone Star Week, Day Three

Another day, another way to arrange the patches in a Lone Star quilt. I designed and made this quilt for Windham Fabrics in 2007 using their Farmhouse West Collection. These are 19-1/2" finished blocks and there are 3 variations. I also included this in my second book, "Supersize 'Em Quilts" (Martingale, 2009). Farmhouse West Quilt:  Let's unpack the 3 Lone Star variations. I showed you the first one yesterday with the block from the Carmen Collection. Each of the eight 4-Patch diamonds has the dark diamond at the tips. This creates a second star in the center. Lone Star Block #1 This next block is made with a single fabric in each of the eight diamonds. No 4-Patches. Lone Star Block #2 Here is one like that quilted: Lone Star Block #2 quilted I have two quilts using the simple star with 8 diamonds. This first one was made with a Benartex collection called Season's Greetings. This is a HUGE 29" block! I call this my Big Block Lone S