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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) and is a celebration with parties and food in many Latin American countries. I remember many of my Mexican friends and school chums in California having fun with this day. I've shared some free patterns in the past that I designed to commemorate this with some holiday specific fabrics. (you'll find the link at the bottom of this post) Fiesta collection : Do you remember my Sugar Skulls? These fabrics are probably still current in your local quilt shop. Click the link under the photo to see my steps again. Fiesta Sugar Skull Dresdens I had made one of my Pentagon Wreath blocks using another fussy cut Sugar Skull. Here I am ready to appliqué it to an 11" background square (yes, it will finish to 10-1/2"). I pulled 4 light colored Bedrock fabrics for the background squares, and this is a very pale light blue (hard to tell in the photo). I'm ready to machine stitch it down using my Bernina 1230 and a simple, short zigzag stitch. Blue P

What's in a Name, Norma Rose?

Beautiful fabrics deserve to show up in a beautiful quilt. I participated in my local guild's mystery quilt challenge during the lockdown last year. I know it may be hard to believe, but this was the very first mystery quilt I have ever participated in. A quilter for 35 years and this was a first! We first had to pick our fabrics. I had just received a fat quarter bundle of Norma Rose by Windham. Let me show you how gorgeous they are. Norma Rose fat quarters I really don't like not knowing where I'm going. Our first steps were to cut a zillion squares.  Zillions of squares These are STACKS of squares. Can you see those two birds? Just a bunch of squares. A LOT of squares. Then we had to cut some strips. Probably not in that order, but hey - I was lost and just trusted the coordinator Sue and the designer Doreen. Just a bunch of strips. Was this going to be a Log Cabin? Then we had to sew a lot of the squares together. We made some half-square triangles along the way. I wa

To the (Quilt) Rescue!

This was in the giveaway pile at my local quilt guild's outside Bee last Fall. I recognized the Jinny Beyer fabrics from LONG ago. But the seams were pretty wonky! I knew who had put that in the pile (Donna) and I took it without her seeing me. She had announced that her mother (long gone to quilter's heaven) - had left it for someone to finish. But who? I had a plan! Pieced 8-Pointed Star with 9 Patch setting units I figured I could take it apart and put it back together and make it lie FLAT! Take a look at the back. Yes, this was hand stitched and the seam allowances are very willy-nilly! I pulled off the 9-Patch gold setting units. It still didn't lie flat. Then I removed the four red 9-Patches. I gave these back to Donna. Leftover 9 Patches Then I knew the hard work was ahead of me. I had to remove all the 9 Patch diamond units, press them, trim them and cajole them to fit together. I was at the point of no return! Four green and four red 9 Patch diamonds I trimmed. I p