Half Hexagon Braid Workshop

The Half Hexagon Braid quilt is NOT like its cousin, the French Braid. We do not use rectangle strips that must be trimmed along the vertical rows (which is NOT for the beginning quilter). All the rows are made from half hexagons! This works well in a 3 hour workshop.

I first published this quilt for Quilt Magazine in 1998. Here is my updated version for making it a workshop. I've taught it dozens of times since 2011.

Half Hexagon Braid Quilt

We use a 2-1/2" or 3" half hexagon template. Or, even easier - these can be cut from a multi-sized 60 degree triangle ruler which most quilters have (and I sell). Here's a pic of my template:

You can see even more about this workshop by checking out Day 2 of my Half Hexagon Week.

The pattern is a multi-page pdf that has LOTS of illustrations and steps things out for ease of construction. Here is the quilt I made using all sorts of batiks scraps and it was published in Fons and Porter about 10 years ago. I still own this beauty.

Technicolor Braid Quilt: 49" x 54"

Here are two options for including a beautiful border print between the half-hexagon rows. The first was made about 10 years ago using a Benartex print.

Half Hexagon rows joined with a beautiful border print

And this Festive Season quilt was made this year using another Benartex collection. First, the beautiful fabric half-hexagons:

Half-hexagons cut and ready to go into my quilt

And here's the Festive Season quilt:

Half Hexagon quilt with border prints

Send me an email for more details, pricing and Supply List. kratovil@his.com