Modern Vortex Workshop

This workshop is based on the 18 degree Dresden wedge. We cut our wedges with a multi-sized acrylic ruler. 3 Hours can get you pretty far in your project! There is no funny stitching; everything is straight seam sewing and NO handwork. Contact me for the Supply List. Students must own a ruler such as this - either purchase from me or have one from another source.

Dresden wedge ruler

Let's see some samples!

Modern Vortex #1. 28" x 28"

And my class sample in blues:

Modern Vortex #2. 20" x 20" block

Multi-colored version from one of my students. This possibility is also taught in class. The Supply List involves 6 colors and not just 2. You will be doing double the amount of piecing and cutting and will have enough cuts to make a second quilt.

Multi-colored version by Jane Hauprich

My own multi-colored version done in Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Rainbow Vortex with added borders

And here is the quilt that inspired me to make my first one in 2012. This vintage quilt was made in the early 1900s by an unknown - and very talented - quilter!

Vintage Red and White quilt from early 1900s. Maker unknown.

My pattern also includes this variation, so come ready to be inspired!

Vortex Variation (without points)

I'll also be sharing some other quilts that use this ruler and "cheat" by incorporating border prints instead of piecing.
20 wedges cut using a border print

But, the ruler flip-flops and you are cutting for two quilts in order to get one. Here is my quilt using the alternate cuts. Yes, looks like Larry the Worm, right?

Wedges cut using a border print

Come ready to be inspired beyond recreating a beautiful vintage quilt!

Contact me ( with any questions and for the Supply List.