Twisted Hexagons Workshop

Twisted Hexagons in a variety of sizes is both fun and quick! This is a great way to center a spectacular motif in the center of those half hexagons. Wait! I promise - there are NO y-seams!

This works well as a half-day class.

Twisted Hexagons with 12" blocks

It's fun to dip into your scrap bag for those half-hexagons surrounding the center whole hexagons. These two shapes are cut easily with a standard 60 degree triangle ruler - yes - ALL the shapes (two different triangles, the whole and half hexagons) are cut with that ruler. Of course, I include templates, too.

Students will learn:

  • Cutting each of those shapes using a 60 degree ruler
  • How to sew a partial seam
  • How to fussy cut a motif using freezer paper
  • How to sew a perfect 1/4" seam
Here's a fun quilt for that special child. This uses 10" high Twisted Hexagon blocks.

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