Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Daffodils in my  backyard jungle
Actually, it's March SNOW brings April flowers! The backyard in my rental house is a total jungle past the deck. My husband often says that if we owned it we would just nuke the entire thing and start from scratch. (We owned homes for 25 years and spent hundreds of hours doing all that improvement stuff) For now, I just enjoy not having to mow it and seeing the daffodils growing wild.

My daughter Audrey sent this pic to me this morning. She loves to buy flowers at the grocery store (she lives in an apartment). She wanted me to see the spiderweb trivet I made for her a few years ago using my precious stash of REAL FEEDSACKS! She loves to rummage in that box and make little things. I often make her things like this so she can enjoy these vintage treasures.

Authentic feedsacks used in this spiderweb trivet
Today it is pouring down with some serious April showers. But that's what the flowers love and we have to give preference to those things that bring us beauty in life, right?


  1. Lovely flowers Debby! Raining here today. Wow has that brought our levels of snow down fast, but we are expecting 4 cm snow tonight *frown*. Such a topsy turvey Spring. Still it is better than winter's deep freeze :) Keep smiling!

  2. we have daffodils and tulips out but no rain for a good while and they are dying much quicker than usual. Very nice spiders web trivet

  3. There are days when I wish I'd rented a house instead of buying! Love that vintage piece you made for your daughter. I might have a piece of that same fabric in Phoenix in storage. I LOVE feedsacks, and they used to be reasonably priced, but they are getting more and more rare, so not surprising the price has gone up so much.

  4. see that is what we are missing. flowers...colour other than white lol so pretty Debby

  5. Beautiful flowers, but I'm drooling over the vintage feed sacks ! Lucky daughter you have and I think she knows that !


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