Hosannah! Happy Easter

Single 10" block on point
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Made by Kathryn Wright and appears in my book: Perfect Piecing Perfect Points

New Class: Cupid's Arrows
Palm Quilt using 10" blocks and Regency Dandy fabric collection
Yes. You can see that I have made a LOT of these blocks and quilts. I happen to enjoy the block when I can paper piece it. I thought I'd show them to you for Easter.

It's Easter. Hallelujah. He is risen. The Palm block is a traditional block that has been historically pieced with intricate templates and in two sections (with the seam running through the center diagonally). I redrafted the block in various sizes for foundation paper piecing in an off-center log cabin arrangement of the patches. Very quick and the points are very pointy.

I've made several quilts over the years. Here are some of them. They all sing "Hallelujah!"

Single 10" block set on point in a flanged pillow
4 blocks on point in my favorite quilt using this pattern
7 blocks set on point. Sold this top to a friend who LOVED it!
Casablanca Palms. Made for Blank Fabrics for a Spring Market display
Hosannah Quilt in my book Paper Piecing Perfect Points
OK. Don't panic. You have to remember that I do this for a living, which means that when I sew I find someone in the industry (fabric company, magazine, publisher) who will pay MONEY for my design. I enjoy what I do, but I use what I do to make enough to pay the bills. Not a lot of money, but enough to keep the wolves from the door. And that makes me sing HALLELUJAH everyday. I don't take it for granted, that's for sure.


  1. lots of delights here today, will try and follow you on pinterest but like instagram struggle to understand it!

  2. I have your lovely book and that is one of my many favorites in it. It seems perfect for an Easter post because it reminds me of a palm leaf. Titus is napping right now, but I'm sure he would tell me to say "HI Debby" if he were awake.

  3. Perfect for Easter, and your explanation of how it's done is also easy to understand.

  4. happy easter Debby! I just love these quilts-especially the one made with florals! gorgeous!

  5. Happy Easter, a little late! (Although it is something we can celebrate every day, can't we?!!)
    Your projects are all just beautiful!

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