Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentine's Day is Coming!

We are done with the red and green; now it's time for the red and white! Remember these luscious reds from Benartex last year?

Selection of red fabrics from Benartex
And then I cut out some mystery letters that got mixed up and I "forgot" what I was going to spell.

Remember these letters?
Here's my technique for cutting out applique. I transfer the template to freezer paper and then iron it to the RIGHT side of the fabric (which has fusible webbing on the wrong side). No need to "mirror image" the template! Cool, huh?

The letter O (easy to see)
 And my Y:

I unscrambled them and made a small quilt out of some of the letters and I have a few left over. I will be sharing my quilt in a post on February 1 in partnership with Benartex. (For those following my Calendar Girls BOM, I will reveal the February project on January 31)

But if you want to make a fun heart quilt, consider this Hearts on Fire quilt I made last year using my Cookie Cutter Hearts pattern. Click the link and there is a step by step tutorial on how to make these awesome blocks!

Cookie Cutter Hearts quilt made with Benartex batiks
 And here's how the 10" block looks:

10" Cookie Cutter Heart block
And the FREE pattern for the large quilt is here:
Hearts on Fire
So, be sure to stop back by on February 1 to see the two projects I made with my mixed up letters!


  1. Can't wait to the red and white.

  2. I love that red fabric. I know it's going to make a cute quilt.

  3. I know it'll be a pattern I love, just like the hearts one. I'm looking forward to the February Calendar Girls. I finished the baby quilt top of Prairie Flower, and I love it! I'll quilt it in February while I work on the new block. =)

  4. Hi Debby I have been using freezer paper for years...I even trace clothing patterns onto it and iron it on the the material...sometimes child clothes have some small or numerous pieces...Can't wait for more red and white.....

  5. You always have such fun ideas, Debby. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat


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