Quilter by Design Facebook Page Has Launched!

I have had a personal Facebook page for several years. How else would I see and hear what's happening with my grandkids without a phone call? But I started getting dozens and dozens of "friend" requests from people I never met. I guess they heard that I was a quilter who puts dozens and dozens of quilt pictures on my page (it has a different feel than this blog).

Just last week I had almost 100 "friend" requests from total strangers. My wise daughter said, "Mom. You need a professional page. It's got to be open to everybody. This way anyone can see your quilts, your tutorials, what you're working on day to day and you save your personal page for your family and real friends.

That's what I did:

As you can see, the background quilt is the one appearing in the current issue of McCall's. My photo? Well, old age stinks, right?

Type in Quilter by Design (if you are on Facebook; I know some of you don't do Facebook and I totally understand). You can "like" the page or not. You can always dial in to see what I'm doing. Much of that will mirror my blog, but I tend to update Facebook much more frequently than my blog.

What's happening right now? I'm featuring anything to do with Valentine's Day. I share some free patterns and lots of pictures. I have several dozen (yes, dozen) quilts featuring hearts. The key is to find them on my computer!

Don't worry. You won't miss anything if you don't follow me on Facebook.

Oh, wait a minute. Did I share my chocolate heart shaped donut with you? My dear husband knows I love cake more than flowers.

My blog is always up to date with current projects. I just wanted to pass this on!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a great! I'll follow you.
    My FB: Manos de Chicureo


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