The Beauty of Black, Red & White

The Tanglewood Collection by Blank Quilting
A few months ago I featured this collection of fabrics and gave an extensive tutorial on paper piecing.

I gave away a fat quarter bundle of these to a lucky winner
 I used the Shimmering Waterwheels pattern from my new book (Paper Piecing Perfect Points) and went from greens to red and black. A very classic look, I must say. If you missed the post, you can see everything here: Paper Piecing Monday.

I put 4 of the units together with sashing, but didn't like it. I don't know why, but something wasn't right. What do you think?
4 Waterwheel units with sashing. Something's not right!
So, what do you do when a quilting item isn't right? That's right - pull out the seam ripper and take it apart. It's always wise to listen to the voices in your head (my voices quilt!)

I just finished putting together 16 of these units (that's all the fabric I had) and used NO SASHING, but instead put them block to block in my Four-Blocks-Look-Like-Five-Blocks setting. I've used this with several other quilts. I really like the trick-the-eye assembly.

16 Spinning Waterwheels Units (sorry for the poor photo quality)
8" units; 32" x 32" center. Waiting for borders
Now, what is the original quilt I was referring to? The one with greens?
Green Spinning Waterwheels: 54" x 76"
I had the original quilt (not this green one, but one from 2003) stolen from a parked, locked car in California along with 29 other quilts. I made it with Fossil Ferns by Benartex Fabrics. Here it is:

The original Spinning Waterwheels, stolen in 2005
Hope you enjoyed my trip through 3 different color renditions of the same pattern! I like to think that those 30 quilts are hanging on the Giant Quilt Rack in the sky. They are making the angels smile, huh?


  1. Oh WOW I like them all but the first setting in the circles really grabs me. How different they all look .. one would never guess it is the same block.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow I really love the black and white and red with the full one in the center. Never thought of it that way. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I agree with you on the waterwheels with sashing not working, my eyes got "stuck" in the middle. But, the change is stunning. Putting them together as 16 spinning water wheels is a winner.

  4. I like the new arrangement. In looking at the one with sashing, what bothered my eyes was that the roundness was lost because some places had black pieces touching the black sashing. If those four pieces had been red, the sashing wouldn't have bothered me at all. But then it would have to be an odd number of spokes on the wheel.

    1. Ooops, I clicked the wrong profile button! That was my old blog.

  5. That first block is gorgeous! I love the black/white and red color pallette. I really want to make a black/white quilt.

  6. Just looking back through posts I may have missed while with grandkids. Your black, white, and red quilt is beautiful!!!


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